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Plant biotechnology may be defined as the generation of useful products or services from plant cells and tissues. It also facilitates large clonal multiplication, virus elimination, rapid development of homozygous lines by producing haploids, germplasm conservation, and genetic modification of plant (like somaclonal variations, somatic hybridization, cyhybridization and genetic engineering). Large scale biochemical products are also achieved by plant biotechnology.

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The main topics which are considered in Plant Biotechnology are discussed in brief as follows:

  1. Large Scale Cultures
  2. Biochemical Production
  3. Enhancing Biomass Yields
  4. Improving Biochemical Production
  5. Biotransformation
  6. Micropropagation
  7. Virus Free Plants
  8. Somaclonal Variation
  9. Haploid Plants
  10. Embryo Rescue
  11. Somatic Hybrids And Cybrids
  12. Germplasm Conservation

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