Human Resource Management – Measuring Employee Satisfaction

Measuring Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

The usual way to measure employee satisfaction or engagement is with a survey. A systematic, ongoing program of employee surveys should be part of the organization's human resource strategy. This allows the organization to monitor trends and prevent voluntary turnover. An organization change, such as a merger, also might have important consequences. In addition, ongoing surveys give the organizations a way to measure whether new policies improve job satisfaction and employee engagement. Organization can also compare results from different departments to identify groups with successful practices that may apply elsewhere in the organization.

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Another benefit is that some scales provide data that organizations can use to compare themselves to others in the same industry. This information will be valuable for creating and reviewing human resource policies that enable organizations to attract and retain employees in a competitive job market. Finally, conducting surveys gives employees a chance to be heard, so the practice itself can contribute to employee satisfaction.

To obtain a survey instrument, an excellent place to begin is with one of the many established scales. The validity and reliability of many satisfaction scales have been tested, so it is possible to compare the instruments. The main reason for an organization to create its own scale would be that it wants to measure satisfaction with aspects of work specific to the organization. Conducting surveys is not something an organization should take lightly.

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