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In order to maintain a positive and motivating work environment for all employees, organizations looks for methods of handling problem behavior that is fair, legal and effective. A popular principle for responding effectively is the hot – stove rule. According to this principle, discipline should be like a hot stove: the glowing or burning stove gives warning not to touch. Anyone who ignores the warning will be b burned. The stove has no feelings to influence which people it burns, and it delivers the same burn to any touch. Finally, the burn is immediate. Like the hot stove, an organization's discipline should give warning and have consequences that are consistent, objective and immediate.

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The principle of justice suggests that the organization prepare for problems by establishing a formal discipline process in which the consequences become more serious if the employee repeats the offence. Such a system is called Progressive discipline. Creating a formal discipline process is a primary responsibility of human resource department. The HR professional should consult with supervisors and managers to identify inappropriate behaviors and establish rules and consequences for violating the rules.

Along with rules and progression of consequences for violating the rules, a progressive discipline system should have requirements for documenting the rules, offences and responses.

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