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Ionic Equilibrium

The condition in which the rate of dissociation of non-ionized molecules is equal to the rate of combination of the ions is called chemical equilibrium. It is a chemical reaction in which Ionic species are least consumed or produced or they are changed from one form to another form.

Types of Equilibrium

» In the gas phase. Rocket engines

» Atmospheric chemistry

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» Seawater and other natural waters: Chemical oceanography

» Acid/base equilibria: Acid dissociation constant, hydrolysis, buffer solutions, indicators, acid-base homeostasis

» Metal-ligand complexation: sequestering agents, chelation therapy, MRI contrast reagents, Schlenk equilibrium

» Adduct formation: Host-guest chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, molecular recognition, dinitrogen tetroxide

We are offering the following main topics for assignment like:

  1. Strength Of Acids And Bases
  2. Strong And Weak Electrolytes
  3. Ionization Of Weak Acids
  4. Common Ion Effect
  5. Mixture Of Two Weak Acids
  6. Ionization Of Polyprotic Acids
  7. Ionisation Of Water
  8. Buffer Solutions
  9. Solubility Product

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Ionic Equilibrium Assignment Help

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