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In this disciplinary field we study the interaction of humans with environment. This field is an integration of physical and biological sciences such as, ecology, chemistry, soil science, geology etc. Environmental Studies deals with issues related to environment like, pollution control, global warming, and depletion of ozone layer, management of natural resources, renewable energy and climate change. It is a broad interdisciplinary field dealing with natural as well as man made environments and the list of major topics covered are mentioned as under:

  1. History of Earth: The study of developmental process of earth and its environment.
  2. Natural Resources: It includes both renewable and non-renewable resources dealing with management of natural resources and related problems.

The following classes of natural resources are covered under it:

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  • Water resources: It includes the study of major water resources and its importance, Utility and importance of surface and ground water, occurrence of water disasters such as floods, drought etc. depleting sources of water and future outcomes, benefits associated with dams and efforts to protect water resources.
  • Energy resources: Energy is vital for all living organisms. It includes the study of major sources of energy, demanding needs of energy, sources of renewable and non-renewable energy and its management, alternate sources of energy and its uses, problems and future prospects of depleting energy sources.
  • Forest resources: It includes the study of contribution of forest resources in maintaining biodiversity, Exploitation and usage of forest resources, problems such as deforestation, timber extraction, mining of resources, effect of dams on forests and human population.
  • Food resources: It includes the study of natural and man made food resources, problems faced globally due to food scarcity, affect on environment due to agriculture and overgrazing, modern agriculture and its implications, environmental issues caused due to usage of fertilizer and pesticide. Harm caused to food quality due to use of chemicals. It also addresses issues such as water logging and salinity.
  • Land resources: It studies the utility of land as a resource and addresses the issues such as land degradation, desertification, landslides due to human interruption and soil erosion, measures taken to overcome these issues, human contribution in conservation of natural resources.
  • Mineral resources: It includes the study of major mineral resources and its management, its utility and exploitation, extraction and usage mineral resources and its environmental effects.

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