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Drug Designing And Pharmaceutical

A drug is defined as a substance which is used to cure, diagnose, or to prevent a disease. Pharmaceutics is the science which deals with the design and formulation of drugs. Any molecule such as a protein, an aromatic compound, secondary metabolites and hormones which exhibit medicinal effects is known as a pharmacological molecule. Pharmaceutical chemistry is the study of the molecular and mechanistic aspects of pharmaceuticals, which emphasizes on the chemistry of drug design and development, drug action, transport, delivery and targeting. The pharmaceutical science includes a number of branches such as pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, clinical pharmacology and toxicology.

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Pharmacology is the science which deals with the drugs; it includes a detailed study of history, the properties, absorption of the drug in the body, effective distribution of the drug through the blood, metabolism of the drug, and finally its excretion from the body, mechanism of drug action, physiological effects and uses of a drug.


Pharmacokinetics is the discipline or branch of pharmacology which deals with absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs/ study of response of a body towards a drug.


Pharmacodynamics deals with the biological, chemical and physiological effects of drugs its mechanism of action and study of drug action in system of the related organism.

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Therapeutics is concerned with the use of drugs in curing the diseases and relieving from abnormal symptoms.

Clinical Pharmacology

Clinical Pharmacology is the scientific study of drugs in human physiological system and the efficacy and safety of drugs is studied in patients of healthy volunteers.


Toxicology deals with the poisonous effects of drugs, detection of poisoning and its treatment.

The drug designing and discovery process include the following major steps:

  1. Drug Target Identification
  2. Target Validation
  3. Lead Compound Identification
  4. Lead Optimization
  5. Preclinical And Clinical development
  6. Administration of Drugs
  7. Absorption Of Drugs
  8. Drug Assays
  9. Preservation Of Pharma Product

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