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2.5 Rounding of Numbers

If you are given a decimal number like 0.003050567 usually you will not write it as given you will write it as an approximated value. For that it could be rounded off to certain number of figures, say if you round it off to 5 figures or 5 digits the answer would be 0.00305.

But in another case if you take a number say, 2.709 and round it 2 decimal places you will write the answer as 2.70, but the closest value would be 2.71. Now to round the number this way the rule is:

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If the number after the digit you stop rounding is greater than or equal to 5, then add 1 to the digit where you stop.

Example: round off 4.037 to two decimal places

Up to two decimal places means, till .03

Digit where you stop is 3

Number after digit you stop is 7

7 is greater than 5

Add 1 to the digit you stop i.e. add 1 to 3


Therefore the answer is 4.04

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