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The methods used to analyze the biochemical properties of molecules of an organism. The ability to measure chemical quantities is essential to science, engineering and medicine. Metabolics analysis has been classically a targeted analytical approach.

Analytical-biotechnology apply in medical science to determine body metabolism such as chemical and hormonal changes. This is the wide approaches which explain to the function of biological system and modernization of medical sciences. In biotechnology analysis we can make any natural product to more advance, efficient and powerfull developed product. Enhancement of technology is more economical in comparision to the natural products. Analytical-biotechnology is systemetic and precised method to analyze biological systems.

In analytical-biology, 'reasearch' is the key of whole system by which new innovations and techniques developed. Biotechnology is required because nature has rich source of variations such as we can take an example of beans seedcoat and their colors, traits then by the implementation of this technology we can find out the answers of our questions.

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The various techniques through which it is achieved are discussed in brief as follows:

  1. Spectroscopy
  2. Mass Spectrometry
  3. Chromatography
  4. Electrophoresis
  5. Isoelectric Focussing
  6. Microscopy
  7. Scatchard Analysis
  8. FRET
  9. Blotting

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