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This technique is used for measurements and interpretations of electromagnetic radiations absorbed, scattered, or we can say that it is emitted by atoms, molecules, or other chemical species. This types of emission is associated with changes in the energy states of the interacting chemical species and, each species has characteristic energy states, spectroscopy basically used to identify the interacting species.

The instruments which is used to study the emission of electromagnetic radiation in the form of wavelength functions are called spectrometer or spectrophotometer. Any spectrophotometer makes by two instruments, basically any spectrometer can be use for producing light of any selected wavelength, intensity of light can be measured by photometer. Spectroscopy works on the principles of absorbance of light called the Lambert’s law in which total light absorbed is proportional to the thickness of the absorbing material and is independent of the intensity of the incident light, Beer’s law in which total absorbed light by a material is proportional to the number of absorbing molecules, i.e The concentration of the absorbing solution and the Beer-Lambert’s law which total absorbed light is proportional to the concentration of the absorbing substance and to the thickness of the absorbing material.

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The various techniques through which it is achieved are discussed in brief as follows:

  1. Spectroscopy
  2. Mass Spectrometry
  3. Chromatography
  4. Electrophoresis
  5. Isoelectric Focussing
  6. Microscopy
  7. Scatchard Analysis
  8. FRET
  9. Blotting

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