Advertisement From A Magazine Or Newspaper

How to write a paper that analyses an advertisement from a magazine or newspaper. Keeping in mind that the more complicated the ad you choose, the more analysis that will be required. So choose wisely.

Use Toulmin's claims, grounds and warrant to analyze the ad in an essay. An essay format should include the following:

A title for essay

An introduction of advertisement clearly present the advertisement so the reader can relate it to your discussion. Include a thesis statement of your overall assessment of the strength of the argument being presented in the ad A discussion of how Toulmin's Theory applies What do you think the ad's claim is?

What are the grounds that support that claim? Analyze the Warrant(s) you see in the. Does the ad demonstrate a specific Ethos, Pathos and Logos? A discussion about any problems with the ad Could the ad be improved? How so? Conclusion Summarize the main points of your discussion and relate them back to your thesis. The point of the assignment is to reflect deeply on the critical thinking and persuasive argumentation employed in the ad.

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