Argumentative Essay

An Argumentative Essay is an informative essay that does not just describe the theme of the writing and gives details about the topic but also discusses the Pros and Cons i.e. Positive sides as well as Negative sides as well. The argumentative essay is just like a debate in which the person needs to stick to his point of view. The person must make it clear in the starting only whether he is in favor or against the topic. Such kind of essay must be based on some evidence or proof. If you are in favor of the topic you must present your idea and thought with an evidence or with a logical approach. It works the same for the ‘against’ approach as well.

Apart from this the person must also be capable enough to explain his point of view and the evidences he produced. It focuses on changing the mindset of the other person and brings about the behavioral change among the reader regarding the topic. The essay must be well supported with stats and figures. The matter should be such that it influences the reader and puts him in the thinking process as to how to oppose the motion. The essay must be persuasive and should be supported with strong pointers to influence the reader.

Argumentative Essay Help

The following points must be taken care of while preparing an argumentative essay:

  1. The introduction
  2. Developing your arguments
  3. Refuting the opponent’s arguments
  4. Conclusion.
Argumentative Essay

1. Introduction: The Introduction means the background of the topic you are discussing. In introduction you discuss about the subject matter, its factors, characteristics and importance. There you mention whether you are supporting or opposing the motion. The topic must be chosen properly and it should be an affirmative sentence rather than a supporting or opposing topic. For example: Using of personal transportation must be banned should be used instead of Personal Transportation is harmful for environment or Personal Transportation ensures timely work. Thus there will be two different points of views to discuss the subject matter.

2. Developing your arguments: This stage consists of the writer forming his own arguments for supporting the motion. The writer must take care of the theme and should stick with the motion that he took. He must maintain the idea of either opposing or supporting throughout the essay. The basic rule for the formation of an argument is that it must be based on some logical or reasonable ground. The person must present the argument with evidences. The stats and figures in an essay make it easily understandable and strengthen the motion to clear the point. The argument should be powerful and persuasive enough to leave the reader in a dilemma to think about it and it brings about a change in the person’s behavior regarding the topic.

3. Refuting the Opponent’s arguments: Once you are done with supporting your point of view you need to oppose the opponent’s arguments. You need to provide a strong point in your favor and deny all the arguments of the opponent. Every opposing argument must be denied with a logical explanation. If any opposition holds true then it must be clarified with an explanation to overcome it. Directly turning down the opponent’s arguments will be like hitting with eyes closed. Thus a proper approach must be made with logical reasoning to turn down the arguments.

4. Conclusion: At last the essay must be concluded with the idea you are arguing. You must strongly withhold your point of view and turn down the opponent’s idea. The conclusion must contain the remedies that are available to reduce the opposing arguments. It must have the sense that you are right at your point and it must persuade the other person to change his mind regarding the subject matter.

Thus in this way an effective argumentative essay can be formed with proper explanations, arguments, stats, figures and logical reasoning.

Therefore formation of an essay can be a tactical thing. There could be shortcomings at points and the applicability of all the features may not be possible. But the proper applicability of all the points is important for the strong and effective implementation of ideas. This needs to be implemented very carefully and with deep analysis. This can get complicated at times but we are here to help you at where you can contact us at anytime and we will help you with your queries and helping you out with your assignments. We respect that you can’t lose on marks and that is why we are here to provide you with the best facilities and qualitative results. You can also take online classes from the best tutors. We believe in providing the best services for your satisfaction. We serve our clients with good and satisfying work and with complete dedication.

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Argumentative Essay Topics

What are the argumentative essay topics?

If you wish to become a freelance essay writer it is really important for you to know about the argumentative essays and what they really are? However, if you find it tough then it’ll become difficult for you to search for a particular topic. You need not worry about it as your client or professor would initially give you certain topics you shall write about and discuss it throughout in the paper as well. Some of the basic steps you follow while writing is first you research then you build up an argument then look for the appropriate proofs or evidence and then carry certain claims forward. However, every other person wants some kind of liberty while writing the essay so in order to write a successful essay it is equally important for them to remain cautious while selecting topics.

In some major cases when you get the opportunity to select the topic for your argumentative essay so for that it is important for you to be quite wise and also look for an appropriate topic that will initially attract the readers towards your essay. Make sure after selecting the topic you should research about it quite well that your client or professor or the reader does not find it boring.

So, here are some of the rules you need to keep in mind while selecting a topic for your essay:

  1. Does the issue matters to you: Firstly, when you have got all the rights to write a particular essay about anything, the very first thing that would come into the mind of any writer is how much importance is given to that issue or how much you care for that specific issue. However, it is considered to be the truth that if the issue or the topic that you’ve selected doesn’t matter to you then you won’t be able to give your best on the topic. So, if you want your essay to be the best it is important for you to be passionate about the topic that you’ve chosen to write upon and go further by doing proper research about it because at the end what you think about a particular issue or how much it matters to you or you care about that particular topic actually matters a lot.
  2. Don’t be too indistinct: So, here is the place where many writers usually make mistakes because they first select topics that are initially too indistinct and after that while researching they find it too difficult to create or compose an essay. SO, make sure that you shall select topics that are not too much indistinct instead shall be specific, detailed and precise because it will initially make things easier for you as well as for the readers as the same time.
  3. Take a risk: Generally, argumentative essays require developing arguments, naming proofs and also taking into account and simultaneously opposing the different point of views and then debunking them. Don’t stay away from any kind of gossips or controversies as it is considered to be the perfect time to take risks and gain advantage for the same and this will initially make your essay precise and hence the readers won’t get bored of your essay.
  4. Look for something different: If you want your thesis to be outstanding and specific from the rest try selecting topics that are unique or different. It can be anything that is not being discussed but is relevant to the topic you’re interested in. Yes, it does require a proper deep research and so in order to do something different you can try getting different ideas as well.
  5. Trust yourself and your argument: You need to trust yourself and make sure that you’re writing it for readers first but for yourself as well so in order to receive effective results select topics that are appropriate and not casual or to just seek attention it should at least give some moral values too and for that it is really important for you to strong trust your argument that you’re going to pick up because if you yourself won’t trust then don’t expect it from others as well.

However, while selecting any particular topic the first thing that is considered important is that you should show full interest for your topic and shall be passionate about the same and shall have no fear about any kind of controversy. So, here are some of the argumentative topic ideas you should look in order to get a proper idea about the topics.

Authorized Argumentative essay topics

Authorized argumentative essay topics are generally popular and famous and also are relevant to laws that a writer wish to create, change or abolish. However, you can initially discuss all of the negatives and positive benefits or perks of these specific laws at the same time. There are a lot of students who think that it is wrong if they write something related to law or select any kind of authorized topics which is not at all wrong because at the end of the day it is your call ad you have to select any kind of topic but make sure to research it properly. Here are some of the topic ideas for authorized argumentative essay topics:

  • Should prostitution be authorized?
  • Do the perks of medical marijuana is legally justified?
  • In what situations do women have the freedom to an abortion?
  • Is the procedure of electoral vote justified?
  • In what age do girls have access to birth control without the permission of their parents?
  • Is the drinking age suitable or should it be higher, lower or same?
  • Should court treat online abuse as any other kind of abuse?
  • Should other tobacco products and cigarettes be forbidden?
  • Should the death punishment be eliminated?
  • Should nuclear weapons be prohibited worldwide?

Principled argumentative essay topics

Another most popular argumentative essay is the Principled once as they are considered to be the easiest topics to discuss casually. However, they generally cover a wide variety of ethical quandaries from the animal testing for the death punishment. Yes, you can discuss death punishment here as well but only from the ethical point of view.  Here are some topic ideas:

  • Are parents overexposing their child on social media?
  • Are theists more ethical than atheists?
  • Is animal testing obligatory?
  • Via physician-assisted suicide can a patient have the freedom to die?
  • Is death punishment wrong or right?
  • Should children beauty pageants be prohibited?
  • Does freedom of speech gives people the freedom to use hate speech?
  • Should hunting with the solitary reason to entertain be prohibited?

Societal Argumentative essay topics

Societal argumentative topics generally overlap with both authorized and principled topics. In these kinds of essay topics, they basically deal with the people in the society and how they act on any societal situation that arises in response to different factors. Here are some of the topic ideas:

  • Do criminals are allowed to vote?
  • Are tattoos tolerable at the workplace?
  • In the United States at what age shall citizens are allowed to vote?
  • Can online dating swap meet a person in real life?
  • Is there too much stress on teenagers to go to the college?
  • Should English be the official national language in the United States?
  • Should there be an authorized embargo for trivial?
  • Should more freedom to be given to the refugee?

Marketing and Media argumentative essay topics

Marketing and media essays usually have evolved drastically during last few years and are possessing to be an endless source for the essay topics at the same time. As you might be aware of the fact that media is considered to be the great influence in our lives. Therefore, argumentative essays about marketing and media involve topics related to TV, news, internet, magazines, news and movies that initially affects the society in both negative and positive ways. Here are some of the ideas for the topics:

  • Is it considered compulsory for the journalists to eradicate as much prejudice as possible?
  • Do TV shows and movies are considered to be more liable for being assorted?
  • Are public service announcements effectual?
  • Are print advertisements outdated?
  • Does reality shows create an impact on the society?

Family argumentative essay topics

Basically, each and every family is different from the other and each family life basically depends upon a wide range of factors so the essay topics about a particular subject are considered to be numerous. So, as it is said while writing a family argumentative essay make sure you should generalize all the proper facts you’re going to write upon. If you pick up his topic then make sure you have to more unique and write about positive aspects only and appropriately look for a proper research in order to make your argument successful. You can, however, research the personal stories, marital psychology, child development etc.  Here are some of the topic ideas:

  • Do children require any kind of stipend?
  • Is it adequate for women to breastfeed in the community?
  • In what age shall the parents talk to their child about sex?
  • Is it okay for parents to check teen’s internet use?
  • Should parenting classes be necessary?
  • Are parents allowed to spank their child?
  • Should parents give money to their children for getting good grades?

So, above mentioned were some of the topics you can look for and accordingly research for the same in order to attract more of readers to read your essays. Argumentative essays can be considered fun while writing because you get to develop a proper discussion about it at the same time. As you know you’ve to be wise while picking up the certain topic and shall research about it properly. If your essay is attractive and well-written people would love to read more and can be impressed as well. Therefore, don’t be too vague choose easy and simple topics so that you can write well and it becomes easier for you to research it as well and make sure to proofread as soon as you’re done with your essay.