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What do you mean by essay format?

Essay is one of the most essential pieces of write up, which helps in developing good writing skills for a student. Essay writing is basically writing on a very specific topic with full-fledged details and backing. A particular subject or a topic is chosen or taken and firstly good and sound research work is done on it and then written, from a first person point of view. Essay is written basically for a class, scholarship or maybe even for a contest. There are quite a lot of essay types, majorly Narrative Essay, application essay, custom essay, literature essay and many more.

The essay format is basically a specified format of writing the essay which influences and makes the reader more understandable and attracted towards the writing. There are mainly three parts of an essay: The Introduction, the body and the conclusion. Following this very format is very important and also helps the essay writer to write efficiently without leaving anything behind. It also grants the writer a flexibility which is very important for essay writing. While keeping this basic essay format in mind, let the topic and the specific assignment guide the writing flow and the organization.

What are the parts of an essay format?

There are basically six parts of an essay format. Out of these six, three parts are the basic core of an essay and other being as an optional part. These parts of the essay format are:

1. Introduction:

It is the first part of any essay format. Introduction is also one of the core parts of the essay introducing the reader of the essay, with the detailed topic. The introduction is like an overview of the topic or the theme on which the essay is written. It should be not more than two or three paragraphs and should be written in a cohesive manner. The introduction will guide the very important attention of the reader into the paper by the introducing and giving a summary on the topic. The introduction should start with a hook which should be catchy and persuasive. It should catch the interest the reader’s attention in a whisk. The following hook can be anything, like a question, a quote, a rhetorical question or even an analogy. After getting the attention of the reader, the part of introduction should come on the points which will be mentioned and discussed in the following essay. There should be some strong background information to support the topic’s genre and credibility. And though, the ideas and opinions within the introduction should be general enough for the reader to understand and read further the main claim and main points of the essay and eventually become more specific to lead into the net part which is thesis statement.

2. Thesis Statement

After writing an innovative intro for the essay, write a concise and brief thesis statement to support your topic. It is responsible for stating the main argument or the main idea which the writer wants to present to the readers, about the topic. It should set the timely limits on the very topic and should also indicate the lows and highs of the argument. The thesis statement works as the straight road map or the guide map for the rest of the essay. It shows the readers what the writer has to say or to convey, through the thesis. The main points, which the writer has to use, for supporting the ideas and with details.

Essay Format Help

3. Main Body

It is the main crux of the essay. Without a strong body, the essay might look pretentious and under whelming. The body of the essay is responsible for arguing, describing and even explaining of your topic. Each main idea that you wrote in your diagram or outline will become a separate section within the body of your essay. The main body supports the major points which are stated in the thesis statement, and provide with good evidences and examples in establishing them. Each and every point is developed by writing one or more paragraphs simultaneously and should have specific details. These following details should include a prominent research work or experience, altogether depending on the assignment topic. In inclusion to the main support, the writer’s own analysis and discussion of the topic ties the ideas and opinions together and draws the line of the conclusions that support the thesis statement.

4. Transitions

Transitions are very crucial on the part of making the paragraph’s flow of writing. Each and every paragraph is presented in a different way, to make this differentiation cohesive, the writer must see through the transitions which will connect one to another. The transitions can be of one or a couple of words like, next, first, in addition, etc. or sometimes a full-length sentence or paraphrase. The topic sentence of a paragraph often serves as a transition.

5. Conclusion

It is the final part of the essay write up. The conclusion is the part which brings up together all the main points of the essay. It mainly refers to the back of the thesis statement and majorly leaved the essay readers for a final thought. It also gives a sense of closure to the reader by resolving the major ideas and assumptions brought up in the very essay. Keep a check on the order of your argument and flow and end it in the conclusion part. The conclusion part should consist of some strong five to six sentences. Conclusion should review all of your above work. All the loose ends are tied up. It also addresses the main argument and the proficient implications of such. New topics or ideas should not be added in this part or introduced further.

6. Bibliography

It is very important to add the citations or references that you have taken from any source whether it is a book, an internet link, a magazine or even from personal talks. Giving due credit is necessary to make sure your work is not labeled as plagiarized.