Sample Essay on Discuss the ethical implications of multinational corporations operating in developing countries

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'Discuss the ethical implications of multinational corporations operating in developing countries.
Your analysis must consider the notion of 'corporate responsibility' within the context of one or more relevant issues such as exploitation of employees, environmental damage, etc.'

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The assignment topic requires you to engage in a high degree of analysis and you will be graded on the essay on the following criteria:

  1. Coverage of the topic with reference to a demonstration of:
    1. knowledge of relevant material; and
    2. an understanding of relevant issues
  2. Degree of clarity with reference to:
    1. arguments presented and
    2. ability to analyse and draw valid conclusions material presented
  3. The extent of research undertaken, including accurate use of referencing. Refer to Summers & Smith for the correct method of referencing. Note Wikipedia and Course notes, powerpoint slides or other course material [unless a textbook or journal article] from any university, including USC, are not appropriate reference sources.
  4. Overall structure of the essay with reference to conventional academic writing criteria.

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