Narrative Essay

What do you mean by narrative essay?

Narrative essay is an essay which tells the story of a real life experience of any individual or any event that has had happened. A good story is enjoyed by everyone especially when it’s one’s real experience and also captures the imagination of the readers. A larger theme is a frame of the narrative essay and the writer puts up a real story as a subject in it and also giving a message or a note something in the end. The writer emphasizes in presenting not only a story but also the true and good meaning from that story. It helps in making the readers in making the best out of it.

What are the characteristics of a narrative essay?

Narrative essay writing is one of the important and one of the most sophisticated piece of writing. The narrative essay writing has some characteristics; they are:

1. Involves the readers

Narrative essay writes ups have a distinctive nature of involving the readers into the story. This helps in actually connecting to the readers and vice versa. It is actually much more interesting and fun to recreate a story in your own words for the readers than simply telling the story. The story telling making appropriate interpretation from it is very necessary.

2. Relating the events in sequence

Some events are very intriguing and hence are retold by the writers. These events are placed in real places and real time. The art of narrative essay doesn’t have to tell a story but rather re-create through words. This helps in grabbing the reader’s attention well.

3. Includes detailed synopsis about the real things

This means that the places, characters and events which are the part of the story being told in the narrative essay are written with detailed observations. Even small-small details are captured and the same aura is again created.

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4. Showcase a change

A change in the idea or a conflicts of an idea re developed and kindled with greater precision in the narrative essay. The contrast between the past and the present, the conflict between the characters or even change in time log should be written well and described well.

5. The point of view

The point of view of telling the story remains the same throughout the essay. It doesn’t change or alter. It is usually from the author’s point of view but sometimes it’s changed as per the needs.

6. Communicates a message

The main crux of a narrative essay is to point out message through a story then influence and inspire the readers with it. The details about the story and writing styles determines the outcome of the write up. The shifting between the past and present should be done with precision to avoid any doubt or confusion. It should last a dominant impression on the readers. The emphasize of your story must be clear to your reader.

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Some pointers to be kept in mind while writing a narrative essay:

There are some important and relevant pointers which should be looked upon clearly, these are

1. Pre writing your essay

Narrative style of essay writing is a quite different type of essay writing. And having a strong first pre write up is very important. Pre writing period helps the writers in looking over their personal experience which they can include in their essays. Little small anecdotes are a good way of getting more attention from the readers. The assignment’s theme should be kept in mind while thinking and writing about the experiences. And the experiences should be only the best and which is relevant with the story. When the students are choosing a story to be re told, even the small incidents re very important and effective to the minds of the readers. A good essay topic is not just about a big bulky incident which happened in the past, but can also include some small and tiny moments which are equally important. After choosing the best story topic, the next step is to recall the prominent details about that incident or event. These are all very important of the narrative essay writing. The characters, their roles, influences and the chain of events, all these should be accurately correct and not made up at all. No detail is too small for a narrative essay. Often it’s the small details that communicate big ideas.

2. Drafting your essay

The next thing which should be done is to draft a narrative essay on the topic. Outline is important when drafting the essay but the main focus should be on the story and the writing style. There is one personal narrative essay and simple third person narrative essay. In personal narrative essay writing, the writer is the first person and acknowledging his or her stories and telling them with time. Using ‘I’ in this type of narrative essay given a more engaging note and personal connect with the readers. Stick to the story and don’t get deviated with the extra details. Make use of the vivid and illustrated descriptions of character, places, time, etc.

3. Revising and editing your essay

In this phase, the writers revise the draft of the narrative essay that they wrote and check out if there is any errors or faults. Reviewing, modifying and the modestly reorganizing the structure of the work is an essential part of this step. Rereading the essay again and again can help with that. The framework of the essay should not be too rigid and complex. The story should unfold easily before the readers without much hassle. The choice of words should be checked at the very start if it should be informative or descriptive. After doing the reviewing, editing is done after that. Editing process involves the proofreading as well as correcting errors which occurs in the grammar and the technical parts. It helps in improving the overall clarity in the content as well as the style of the writing. The best way to edit is to make a friend or a family member read the essay out for you aloud.

4. Publishing your essay

The final step is to publish your narrative essay. Sharing a narrative essay always intrigues the other people as it I related with a personal story from the past from the writer himself. The most important thing to get from after the publishing is to learn from your experience and undo the mistakes if you catch any, and always respect the feedback from the readers.

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