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Analyse and critically discuss the following statement:

'Power, justice and culture play no role in the employment relationship. The world has become global, competitive and uncertain. Managers must have their managerial strategies to deal with these circumstances and the employees must just live with that and implement everything accordingly. The roles played in employment relations by employer associations and by trade unions and governments, have all become 'non-issues' really. Collective bargaining is basically not happening anymore and employee participation has taken its place and is the norm nowadays. There is no place for employee grievances in this age of global competitiveness. Employees are all paid well and there is a fair gap between the earnings of executives and lower level workers. It should be all about profit and economic growth. Discipline and dismissal issues are straight-forward and very easy to handle, including things like downsizing and redundancies or retrenchments. If we have something like the current financial crisis which is impacting on so many countries we just have to accept that people will have to lose their jobs. These issues are the same all over the world and therefore there is no room really for any 'international comparative' perspectives in this field. The conclusion therefore has to be that the course has become redundant and should no longer be offered by this university. What is needed rather, is a course on international human resource management'.

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