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Providing performance reviews or appraisals has been a struggle for many organizations. We have moved from forced rankings to behaviourally anchored ratings (BARs) to management-by-objectives (MBOs) to 360-degree or multi-rater feedback—all to little avail, as no system seems to provide what the organization is looking for. Some of the factors involved are cultural. In egalitarian or collectivist societies, it is not acceptable to highlight the expertise of one or two individuals over their co-workers. It may not be considered appropriate for a subordinate to rank or grade his or her superior. In some cultures, trading of evaluations goes on—where individuals agree to score an individual highly in return for a reciprocal scoring. As humans, we simply lack the ability to know the impact of another person’s behaviour, we do not always understand the impact of the system on an individual’s performance, and we cannot observe another person all of the time.

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