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Zoology means the study of animal kingdom.

The above statement makes it quite clear for us to understand that this broad field of science includes animals. But just using a single word doesnt lay down the complete idea about this branch. The field of science is basically divided into three main portions that include physics, chemistry and biology. Further, the field of biology is sub-divided into two major branches called zoology and botany. Zoology includes study on animals whereas botany includes plant kingdom.

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What do we study in Zoology?

Our planet includes variety of living creatures. Some are miniature in form whereas others are large and giant. There are even those organisms which cannot be seen by our naked eyes. All these organisms are found in different places of the world. As per the condition of the natural environment and their body plan, they have adapted to different habitat. Hence, this field of science brings together all these groups of animals under one roof and makes it easy for us to distinguish one from the other. Though there are different animals around the world, but their classification in systematic way have made it easy for us to find detailed information about each group. This job is done by zoologist who studies the morphology and anatomy of animals in detailed form. Zoology includes all the information about every group of animals right from the phylum protozoa that have smaller organism to the mammals that are well developed creature. So, to simplify the work of classification, firstly these animals are divided into two major parts, vertebrates and invertebrates. Invertebrates means animals without backbone that includes phylum, protozoa-echinodermata whereas rest of the phylum comes under vertebrates like Pisces, Aves, mammals and so on. These entire phyla are again dealt in detailed way; thus conducting structural, anatomical, histological and physiological study on each of the important animals. It is the reason this field of biology is again divided into subfields that includes: ornithology,{" "} Entomology ,{" "} Histology , Arachnology etc. Though these areas are the major focus of study but students have to study many other subjects along with the central ones. The subjects includes: molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, physiology,{" "} Ecology , developmental biology, biotechnology, biochemistry etc. All these subjects are inter-related because they deal with the organization and working of living system in every level of life.

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Careers in zoology

Students pursuing zoology need to deal with theoretical as well as practical portion of the subject. They have to do lots of dissection work in order to understand the anatomical part of different animals. Apart from this, they need to work with different scientific machineries and equipments in order to obtain accurate result for various processes. So, students having a deep interest in science can complete their under graduation in Zoology and then go for masters degree. If they specifically have interest in animals, they can complete their masters and then go for PhD in zoology which will help them enter the field of research or teaching. But on the other hand, if they desire to switch the subject and do specialization in any field that comes under zoological section, they can pursue PhD in the interested section for research.

Therefore, students have many open options to pursue the desired field of interest at any stage of their academic career. They can find good jobs in zoology related to private or governmental firms. So, all that is required is passions, interest and hard work to obtain the best from the available opportunity.

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