Entomology Assignments

Earth is home for varieties of living beings which includes natural vegetation, animals, birds, insects that is located all around us. Hence, there is a strong connection between nature and the living being. This relationship gets even deeper when scientific knowledge is used to explore the natural ideas.

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Entomology Definition

People working in the field of science are always interested and enthusiastic in exploring the natural components and getting diverse knowledge of it. Since, insects are also the major part of nature, so biologist in different corners of the world have conducted lots of studies on insects and roofed it under the branch of science called Entomology. Thus, entomology is a branch of science, precisely zoology that deals with the study of insects.

When we see around us, different types of insects can be easily noticed. Some are small and attractive whereas others are irritating and diseases carrier. Some insects even set up the perfect meaning of social and laborious life. So, it became a challenging yet interesting work for biologist to find out about these insects, their importance, advantages and qualities. Therefore, anyone who studies about insects is called entomologist.

There are several works that entomologists do. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Classification of insects in different groups, classes, order, suborder according to their morphological, anatomical and habitual differences.
  2. Identification of behavior, physiology, ecology of different insects.
  3. Finding about useful and harmful pest.
  4. Research work related to the control and elimination of harmful pest.
  5. Working with different types of beneficial insects.
  6. They work in the field of research.
  7. Joining hands with a private firm as teacher, counselor or lecturer.
  8. They also work in different governmental organization.

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Beside these there are many other fields where the entomologist work and helps people gain clear and descriptive knowledge on insects.

There are several types of insects in the world, but the most interesting and useful example of insect is the honey bee. These little bees, work all day forming a network in a group, thus collecting essential materials from the flower and in return helps the plant remain fresh and alive. Likewise, Dragon flies help us by controlling the population of mosquito which is threat for different communicable diseases. Hence, the main work of entomologist is to study relationship of different insects with human and with the surrounding environment. This is the reason; entomology is one of the important fields of biology and is major subject included in sub-branches of science.

When we talk about entomology and insects, one very important subject that is studied under this head is pest. Pest are those insects and small organism that can be seen in fields, store areas, vegetables etc. When we store grains, after a period of time small insects can easily be noticed. So, pests are those harmful insects that attack livestock, grains, plants etc. Hence, entomologist also conducts studies on these pests and uses research medium to find the control measure for the same.

Fields in Entomology:

There are several fields of study in Entomology and students can go for the desired field as per their interest and knowledge. Some of the fields in entomology include:

  1. Medical Entomology
  2. Forensic Entomology
  3. Agricultural Entomology
  4. Veterinary Entomology
  5. Economic Entomology
  6. Applied Entomology
  7. environmental Entomology
  8. Ecological Entomology

Therefore, the field of entomology is wide and includes maximum insects that can be found around the world. Most of the insects are small in size; some are even pin hole that it becomes difficult to identify its parts with naked eyes. But with the knowledge of entomology, it becomes easy to locate every section of the insects and conduct the depth studies on it and the information thus received are all the result of hard- work and dedication of the entomologist. The minimum degree required in this field is bachelors; further students can pursue masters and complete their post graduation to broaden up their knowledge. Students can expect wide scope of career opportunity which includes: research, teaching, survey, different jobs in governmental and non- governmental organizations, consultant, public health service, agricultural companies, pharmaceutical companies and many more. So, there are thousands of jobs in entomology waiting for the people with a very good pay on the pursued field.

Beside degree and the knowledge, the main thing that is required is interest. Students need to be focused, well- concentrated and active all the time to study entomology because this requires lots of patience and hard-work. Only having knowledge on different section of entomology would be worthless, if students fail to apply the same in practical life. Though it takes a little time, but once established students can bloom up to be excellent in this field of study.