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What is Petroleum Engineering?

Petroleum engineering is the field of engineering that involves extracting oil in increasingly difficult situations as much of the "low hanging fruit" of the world's oil fields has been found and depleted. Petroleum engineers design and supervise the process of getting oil and natural gas out of the ground and into storage tanks.

In other words, petroleum generally refers to crude oil or the refined products obtained from the processing of crude oil (gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, etc.) We find petroleum products in every area of our lives. They are easily recognized in the gasoline, we use to fuel our cars and the heating oil, we use to warm our homes.

Petroleum Engineering Assignment Help

The primary areas of petroleum engineering are drilling engineering, well completion, production engineering, reservoir evaluation and reservoir engineering. Petroleum engineering majors learn how to find and remove petroleum and natural gas from the earth. Petroleum engineers search the world for reservoirs containing oil or natural gas. They design equipment and develop processes to achieve the maximum profitable recovery of oil and gas.

Once these resources are discovered, petroleum engineers work with geologists and other specialists to understand the geologic formation and properties of the rock containing the reservoir, determine the drilling methods to be used, and monitor drilling and production operations. Petroleum engineers rely heavily on computer models to simulate reservoir performance using different recovery techniques.

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An engineering degree in petroleum engineering can lead to many career paths. While most work directly for oil and gas production companies, the options for work are broad and cross over span across many industries.

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