PEEG 334 Reservoir Engineering

The Petroleum Institute
Petroleum Engineering Department
Reservoir Engineering II PEEG 334
Assignment # 1(Reading Assignment)

Question # 1

How CCA (Conventional Core Analysis) and SCAL (Special Core Analysis) properties are related and how one affects the other? Discuss in details!

Question # 2

Discuss the influence of the following factors on reservoir rock wettability and capillary pressure:

  1. Rock mineralogy
  2. Water composition (mainly salinity)
  3. Pressure
  4. Temperature
  5. Oil Composition
  6. Thickness of Swi layer
  7. Diagenesis

Question # 3

Discuss the interaction between the following factors and relative permeability:

  1. Pore Structure
  2. Wettability
  3. Capillary forces
  4. Saturation history
  5. Viscosities ratio