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Chapter 1: Rotary Drilling

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Schematic Of Rotary Drilling Process

A well to be drilled is called a wildcat well if its purpose is to make a new discovery whereas, a development well is one in which the purpose is to exploit a known reservoir.

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The Rotary Drilling Process

The hole is drilled by rotating a bit to which a downward force is applied. The downward force is applied by sing thick pipes, called drill collars in the drillstring above the bit. The fluid is circulated down the drillstring which helps in moving the cuttings to the surface. This is the drilling fluid.

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Pulling Out Of The Hole.

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Well Control

The well control system prevents the uncontrolled flow of formation fluids from the wellbore. If the formation pressure exceeds the hydrostatic head provided by the fluid column it may result in uncontrolled flow of fluid from formation into the wellbore. This is called a kick. The well control system helps in detecting the kick and closing the well at the surface, circulating the well under pressure and diverting the flow away. The failure of the well control system results in a blowout which is very dangerous.

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Subsea equipment installation procedure

Drilling Cost Analysis

The function of the drilling engineer is to undertake safe and cheapest drilling technique so that all the operations involved help to incur lower costs without compromising with the safety standards.

The drilling cost formula is,

{'C(f)={C(b)+C(r) (t(b)+t(c)+l( l))}/D'}

Symbols carry usual meanings.

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