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  1. Real-time Operating System
  2. Multi-user Operating System
  3. Multi-tasking vs. single-tasking
  4. Distributed Operating System
  5. Template Operating System
  6. Embedded Operating System

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There are various types of which operating systems can be divided and they are as follows:

  1. Single task operation and a multi-task operation: as the name suggests, we can know that the single task operating system is capable of running only one task at a time whereas a multitask system can achieve the success in performing multiple tasks. If we consider the real facts for the same, the processor or the operating system cannot multitask but they put the tasks one after each other which makes it look like the thing is multi-tasking but this is not the case. There is something called as time sharing which assigns a certain amount of time to each and every task no matter how much of the task is done in that given period of time and this results in multitasking. Multitasking operating systems can further be divided into two types which are divided on the basis of either allocating a certain time to the same and the other one, known as the cooperative one where each and every program is relied upon to give useful information to the same.
  2. On the basis of a single user and multi-user: A single user operating system is the one in which only a singer user can work and there is no such facility which is able to divide the same into many users or is able to give different disk space to every user. Although the user is able to multi-task in the same there is no scope for many users. On the other hand, if there is a multi-user operating system then the system allows the person to share the disk with multiple users and each of them can individually handle their tasks.
  3. Distributed operating system: in this kind of operating system, there is not just one computer working but there are many machines working parallel to each other so as to achieve maximum work done in the minimum time possible. A distributed operating system is the system which manages a group of computers that are different from each other, i.e they are not a single unit but the operating system of such a kind connects to them and makes them communicate with each other and hence the work optimization is achieved in the same.
  4. Embedded operating system: this kind of operating systems is the one which is used in places where size is an issue and hence they are pretty small and efficient because they don’t have that much mass in them which makes them highly efficient by the design and results in a much more useful than what was expected.

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Resident monitor was one of the first operating systems to be made which was very, very simple because, at that time, the most the computer or an operating system was used is to make a calculator or a set of small codes which might be used up speeding up the processes used in the manufacturing units. it was first in the 1960’s that the more integrated form of such operating system where one was able to attach some stuff from the hardware section to make things work the way they wanted with utmost precision. as years went by and technologies were developing there were libraries of different kind of programs made that could synchronize them with the operating process and assist in the same in any kind of way.

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