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Course description

This course is designed to provide students with the background necessary to understand computer networking technology. It covers LAN and WAN protocols & services, wired and wireless networking protocols & standards, network implementation, network security, network management and troubleshooting. This course also covers network topics in CompTIA A+ & Network+ certification exam.

Course objectives

  1. Identify network type and host
  2. Explain the functions and purposes of common networking protocols &
  3. Explain local area network
  4. Explain wireless standards and
  5. Identify the seven layers of OSI
  6. Describe default IP address classes and subnet mask
  7. Identify the well-known ports that correspond to common Internet
  8. Use troubleshooting tools and programs.

Learning outcome

At the end of the course, the successful student will be able to:

  1. Explain the functions and purposes of common networking protocols &
  2. Identify Open System Interconnection networking framework and
  3. Select appropriate tools to implement network troubleshooting
Sample Assignment on Testout Labsim Network Pro

Testout Labsim Network Pro Chapter

Chapter # 0 & 1
Networking overview, OSI model, protocols and numbering systems

Chapter #2 #3 #4 network hardware covered in CS916

Chapter 5-IP Configuration Chapter 5A 5.1-5.5
IP addressing, DHCP, DNS Chapter 5B 5.6-5.10 IPv6, troubleshooting configuration Troubleshooting IP configurations

Chapter #6-Switch Management Switch access
Switch IP configuration Virtual LANs

Chapter #7-Routing Routing basics Routing protocols
Network address translation

Chapter #8-Firewalls Security appliances
Firewall design and implementation

Chapter #9-Network Customization Network-based storage
Voice over IP Virtualization Cloud computing

Chapter #10 -Wireless Networking Wireless standards
Wireless configuration
Wireless network implementation Wireless security
Wireless troubleshooting

Chapter #11- Wide Area Networks Internet connection
Remote access

Chapter #12
Network Policies & Procedures Safety
Risk Management
Security policies and assessments

Chapter #13 -Network Security Physical security
Social engineering
Network vulnerability and threats Authentication
Remote Access Security

Chapter #14 Network hardening Intrusion detection
Penetration testing Network hardening
Incident response and basic forensics

Chapter #15 & 16 Network management Data protection

Using Simulators and a Hybrid Approach

LabSim Exercise Week 1

LabSim Exercise Week 2

LabSim Exercise Week 3

LabSim Exercise Week 4

LabSim Exercise Week 5

LabSim Lab review question for week 1 to 5

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