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This is the branch of science precisely zoology that deals with the study of reptiles and amphibians.

Herpetology Assignment Help Animals are inseparable part of the nature that plays a vital role in maintaining balance in the ecosystem. They also affect our life directly or indirectly; either benefiting us or harming us. Reptiles are fascinating to us but they play key role in many environmental activities which includes dispersion of seeds, pollination of some plants, control of some agricultural pest and maintaining stability in the ecosystem. Beside contribution to nature, reptiles also benefits human beings in several ways. They are used as food and for preparation of some useful medicines by human beings. Skin and scales of reptiles are used to make different materials and ornaments for human use. Similarly, amphibian equally contributes in maintaining balance in the nature. They are used in order to kill some harmful insects and their skin is used in preparing different medicines that can fight the human diseases. Most importantly they are indicator of condition of the environment. Hence, herpetologist focuses on all these facts and emphasizes on the relationship between these creatures with the natural environment and human beings.

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Career in herpetology

Students willing to seek this field of zoology need to study about these groups (particularly creeper animals) in detailed way. But yes, if they have pursued any other Assignment in biology prior to herpetology, they can accordingly go for different subjects that comes under herpetology. To make it clear, if students have completed their graduation in evolutionary biology, they can go for those subjects in herpetology that provides them detail information about the origin and evolution of this field and the groups included within it.

In earlier times, there was no specific degree or Assignment designed for this field. People having deep and strong interest in learning about reptiles and amphibian conducted self- study in the natural environments without the use of any medical instruments. But as the interest grew and demand for these fields is pushed up, many colleges and universities started offering the Assignment for this field of zoology. Presently, due to increasing competition in this field, having a proper degree in herpetology is very important to get an appropriate and desired job. Students can find good job in well reputed institution or colleges; they can also work as researchers in well- renowned research centre. Beside this, they can find satisfactory job in zoo, museum, wildlife centre, zoological parks, etc. Hence, they are free to choose any area as per the interest.

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Herpetology is connected to many other fields of biology which includes molecular biology, ecology, immunology, physiology, developmental biology etc. Therefore, all this subjects together makes up the complete area of herpetology. Students have to be involved in research work as well as field work because they need to go different area and place to get information about different species of these groups.

At present, Herpetology is a most appealing field for zoology students since they can work on the two most interesting groups of animal kingdom. Students can directly go for undergraduate Assignment in herpetology and then get their post- graduate degree. They can even complete their under-graduate in any field of biology like biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, and genetics and then go for majors in herpetology. If students have already completed their post- graduation in some other field of biology, even then they have chances to pursue herpetology which requires training and some extra classes. The thing that matters is their interest and zeal to conduct study on these groups of animals and once they receive certificate for their Assignment; their hard work, interest and degree will help them achieve their goal.