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What do you mean by literature essay?

A literature essay is basically a type of essay which is short in comparison with the other types of essay and is of non-fiction nature. It usually covers the main virtue of any literary topic which is imaginable for a mind. The literature essay tends to portray a subject in different manner and is made off subtle notes and research work. Literature essays are mainly written by the writers for the pleasure of reading and more than to convey a particular message. Literature is always synonym with the reading pleasure and this its purpose. In schools and colleges, these type of essays are assigned to the students for perceiving there written skills and extracurricular knowledge. How good knowledge does the students have about the stories and novels or books. In other words, the literature essay is basically composition of a short non-fiction synopsis which covers human knowledge about the books and the novels which have been read. Lately, the literary essays have become long and of many words. Mainly the length is not that important for the literary essay but the content. The content should be clearly stated and made sure have strong presence of story structure. There are basically three main parts of a literary essay namely, the introduction, the bod of the essay and the end or the conclusion. These form the basic structure of any literary essay. Moreover, sometimes the literary essay is said to have been more of restrictive and the narration being too dull and formal. But due to modernization in the English language, these are changing by times.

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Some pointers to keep in mind while writing a literature essay:

1. Always brainstorm as many ideas for the topic of your literature essay as much. Write the best ideas on which you can write well and then start getting into deep in them. Start with reading the books or the books which are assigned to you. Ask yourself some relevant questions like what is the theme of this story and what theme will you into? What did the author of that story write about this? What are the characteristics which are include in the story? How the style which is being used in this is are relevant to the content of the story? What specific literary terms are addressed and why?

2. After you have written down all the ideas about the story of your literature essays, you can start evaluating the relevant ones on which you can think you can do some good work. Start evaluating the best topics or ideas out of the lot which you think can make up with your story. Eliminate the ideas which are not working with you. Don’t waste your precious time on thinking about them. After choosing the best idea, start working upon it by thinking about the sequence of ideas or the chain of ideas. Give each idea a numerical number and write them down on a paper to keep you on with it. As a result, it will help you eventually in making the structure of your literary essay.

3. The next part is to find any connections or patterns which may be found in the questions. This will be helped by the process of research work. Research work is such an important part of this essay writing that without it, it will not be as good. Find out about the author, his life works, what do the other critics have a say about the book and the author, has the author of the story has a different take on the story arc or not, what is the historical context of this story, etc. There are many things to be researched thoroughly before putting up the essay.

4. Make a proper thesis statement. Thesis statement is not about anything related to any questions neither are they just some observations but a qualitative summary of the essay that you are about to write about. Thesis statement is very important while preparing for essay and the topic as it helps in introducing the main idea which will be presented in the literature essay. The idea is thus developed in the text of the essay having a backgrounder from the thesis statement. Another thing, the thesis statement helps in studying and analyzing the text and the illumination of the writing for the literary elements terms.

Literature Essay Writing Help

What is the body structure of the literature essay?

The body structure of the literature essay is very simple but the main thing which is important is the content itself. It is like this:

  • Introduction: As the name suggests it is the very start of the essay and helps the readers in grasping what is the essay is all about. The introduction should be brief and summarized. Some suggestions should be mentioned for the direction that the writer is intending for the readers to follow.
  • Paragraphing: The second thing is the paragraphing which means writing your content in not very large but very concise paragraphs having equal white spaces in between. If the pointers which define the essay is very long make sure the paragraphing is done rightly. Equal intervals of topics are explained and without any hurry.
  • Evidence and Quotes: Make sure whatever you say, prove it with equivalent evidences and don’t leave it look pale and dull. When you make a point, make sure the reader is fully invested in it and your themes and style of writing is very finely curated. The next thing is to use a quote. Quote is very powerful thing to add in your essay. A quote is basically an excerpt from something which is said by a famous personality. Always remember to lay out the quotes correctly.
  • Selection: By selection it means that be selective when using your text. Do not get started on re-telling the story and also don’t miss out on the important pointers. Give only the information which is relevant to the topic of the essay. Don’t wander off too often.
  • Conclusion: The end should well-formed and formal. All the loose ends should be tied. This is that important part of your essay which lays down the main answers of your essay and the main reason why you wrote the essay in the first place.

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