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A data Structure is a way for arranging the data n a computer so that it can be used efficiently. There are different types of data structure which suited to different kinds of application.

It is used to provide a means to manage large amount of data efficiently, such as large database an Internet indexing services. For an example Stack is an example data structure which is used for temporary storage of data.

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Broad category of data structure

Data structure can be divided into two sub types, Primitive data structures and derived data structures

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Data Structure Assignment Help

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When it comes to a pointer, storage issues never occur, which is the best part of the data structure. The demand for pointers is continuing in most of the industries, which further help in data manipulation, data arrangement, and moreover, makes the process easy to comprehend. In addition to this, array, digital digit strings, binary digits, integers, union, stacks, queues, linked lists, mapping, graph, and sets are some of the critical concepts to learn in the data structure.

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