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Computer Forensics Assignment Help

The meaning of the word Forensics is “to bring to the court”. The meaning of Computer forensics is to bring the evidence of the Computer crime to the court. Computer forensics is the process in which the computer forensics experts use their scientific knowledge and collect, analyze the evidences. The purpose of computer forensics is to perform a investigation in the structured way to maintaining a chain of evidence to find out exactly what happened to the computer device and who is include in this crime and who us responsible for it. There are many softwares which are used for computer forensics one of the software is Helix.

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Important topics in Forensics

  • Digital crime scene investigation process
  • Basic Principles and methodologies for digital forensics.
  • Rules of Evidence – general concepts and differences between jurisdictions and Chain of Custody
  • Search and Seizure of evidence, e.g., computers, including search warrant issues.
  • Digital Evidence methods and standards
  • Techniques and standards for Preservation of Data
  • Data analysis and validation.
  • Legal and Reporting Issues including working as an expert witness.
  • OS/File System Forensics
  • Application Forensics
  • Network Forensics
  • Mobile Device Forensics
  • Computer/network/system attacks.

BIT362 Digital Forensics

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