Digital Forensics Assignment Help

Digital Forensics Assignment Help

Digital Forensics Assignment Help from Assignment Help Experts

Assignment Expert has proved two be an exemplary online digital forensics assignment help provider. Whether it is forensic science online classes or forensics textbook edition, we have the experience of rendering skilled help in solving assignment problems from all versions of this book. We will deliver exceptional work on your assignment and will help you secure higher marks in your exams.

The digital forensics assignment help experts on our site provide the best quality essays for the students of forensic science course. The professionals and academic team of Assignment Expert are proficient enough to write on all topics of digital forensics including (but not limited to):

  • Fundamental concepts of digital forensics
  • Expert witness as per digital forensics
  • Gathering evidence at a computer crime scene
  • Processing data acquired by forensic Laboratory
  • Preparing a report and presenting it in the court

Various Challenges in Writing Digital Forensics Assignment Help to Students

Assignments given to the students related to digital forensics are very difficult to understand as well as perform. Students are not even aware of the way by which they should start their work. In most of the cases, it is seen that students start writing their assignments with a lot of excitement and interest, but if they are unable to keep themselves motivated enough for completing the assignments before the deadline, the results of their efforts do not match with the expected quality. In addition, many students find it difficult to find enough time to write their assignments, which leads to poor grades in the examinations.

For this reason, there are many students who seek professional digital forensics assignment help. A number of companies provide digital forensics assignment help services to students. However, choosing the right company which can provide adequate knowledge, skills, and materials to help the students write their assignments, is a difficult task. Hence, the need arises for reliable and trustworthy digital forensics assignment help services which can help the students in getting their assignments done with perfection.

How has Digital Forensics Assignment Help Become Useful?

Digital forensics as an area is continuously growing and evolving with the advancement in technology and given the acceleration of the pace of innovation in the recent years and the emergence of new concepts and technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, and mobile technologies, Big Data, AI and Blockchain among other areas, it is evident that the field will continue growing and developing. Given the rapid rate of change in the field in the recent years and the emerging areas of growth and development, it can be challenging for students to keep up with the field and come up with the necessary ideas and concepts that can be used to help them write their assignments in the field.

More and more professionals are learning about digital forensics to thrive in the future. The demand for professionals in this field is constantly on the rise which is why digital forensics assignment help has become more and more popular among scholars these days. The emergence of online platforms that provide digital forensics assignment help online has, however, made it easier and simpler for students to get digital forensics assignment help as they can get help with their assignments from professionals at the click of a button. A number of online companies offer digital forensics assignment help in a number of areas and topics such as digital forensics concepts and principles, digital forensics tools and techniques, digital forensic investigations and analysis.

Need Digital Forensic Homework Help From IT Experts?

Digital forensics may sound simple, but the process itself is quite complex and needs to be carried out correctly in order to use it as evidence in a court of law. Many students who try to get their digital forensics homework done are at a loss when it comes to the technicalities of this field. However, with the help of a reliable digital forensics homework help service, you can easily get over this obstacle and complete your assignments efficiently.

Contact us today to get professional digital forensics homework help! In a world that relies increasingly on computerized systems, there is a growing need for digital forensics. As computers and other digital devices are increasingly used by criminals, law enforcement agencies need the ability to obtain and analyze information stored on these devices. Our academic help services have the best digital forensics homework help to help you nail that home assignment and get a good reading on everything that surrounds this complicated technology.

Why Is Digital Forensics Important For Students Of Information Technology?

Digital forensics was once known as just computer forensics, but that name is no longer accurate since computer forensics applies digital forensics principles to many other constituents like mobile phones and automated digital devices. Right now, digital forensics is a growing and necessary area of investigation, but it also has other benefits. Let’s check out some of the reasons why this science is necessary. When you are a student, you have plenty of information on your computer; your family photos, and even sentimental documents that may get lost if anything happens to your computer. In the same way, a business will have comprehensive employee information and important or private client data that can get taken or damaged if they are not careful.

However, if you have forensics solutions, then you can be able to get back lost data easily and even find out who took it. Cheaper solutions aren’t always better, so when you are choosing a digital forensics service, be sure to pick one that has the best choice for you! If you want to submit an excellent homework solution, then it’s time to take advantage of our innovative and reliable services. No matter how complex your homework is, our writers will always be available to deliver perfect solutions. Contact us today and let us know what you need!

Digital Forensics Assignment Help Sample Assignment Overview

For this Assignment, you will create an image of no more than 2GB using ProDiscover Basic or equivalent. This image could be of a USB or a Virtual Machine. Although the tasks are the same you will use different images and files than your peers. Fail to use different files will result in a zero for the entire assignment. Do not use any personal information in the computer image with the exception of your student number. Marks will be awarded based on the sophistication and the difficulties of the forensics/anti-forensics Image.

  1. Create a notepad file. Write your student number. Open it with WinHex and add your favourite movie title and save it as a new text file. Delete the file with your student number. (2 Marks)
  2. Research Anti-forensics techniques (5) such as Data Hiding, Secure Wiping, Encryption and Misdirection. (5 Marks)
  3. Implement at least five (5) Anti-forensics techniques such as deleting a file, steganography, encryption, bad error segments, etc. Your anti-forensics should differ in difficulties. Try to hide five photos of something that belongs to you (e.g. a ring, bag, phone, etc) and a 30 seconds video you take. Your report should include screenshots of all implemented anti-forensics techniques. (10 Marks)
  4. Compile a video of the above along with your evaluation and recommendations (3 Marks). The video should have your face and voice.
  5. Use ProDiscover Basic or equivalent and take an Image of the USB or Virtual Machine and hand it in, in class.


All used sources must be properly acknowledged with references and citations, if you did not create it. Quotations and paraphrasing are allowed but the sources must be acknowledged. Failure to do so is regarded as plagiarism and the minimum penalty for plagiarism is failure for the assignment. The act of given your assignment to another student is classified as a plagiarism offence. Copying large chucks and supplying a reference will result in zero marks as you have not contributed to the report.