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Stoichiometry Course Help

Stoichiometry: the study in which amount of reactant needed in each reaction to form product or the amount of product formed in each reaction. general quantities which are measured in this branch are Pressure(P), Volume(V), Temperature at which the reaction would occur and the number of moles(n) involved in the reaction. This branch is necessary as it tells that how much moles would react with other reactant to form desired product. As stated previously that a small change is reactants’ concentration could result a major change in type of product. Hence the stoichiometry deals with the number of reactants.

GENERAL EQUATION INVOLVED: PV = nRT where R→ Universal Gas Constant

GENERAL TERMS INVOLVED: Stoichiometric coefficient

STOICHIOMETRIC COEFFICIENT: it is the number written before a reactant species in a chemical reaction. This number represents the number of entities(moles) reacting with other reactants in a reaction. Illustration with an example: CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O. the Number ‘2’ ahead of O2 on the reactant side shows that 2 moles of O2 are reacting with 1 mole of CH4 to form 1 mole of CO2 and 2 moles of H2O. once we have the concentration of the reactants we can easily find out the amount of product formed.

Stoichiometry Course Help

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