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Law Of Equivalent Proportions

What is law of equivalent proportions?

Law of equivalent proportions (Law of reciprocal proportions) stating that the proportions in which two elements separately combine with a third element are also the proportions in which they combine together.

"Law of Reciprocal Proportions": (Law given by Richter in 1792) It states that the two weights of two or more different elements which separately combine with a definite weight of another element will be the same as, or simple multiples of the proportions of the weights of these different elements when they combine amongst themselves.

Before heading for the law of equivalent proportions ( Law of Reciprocal Proportions), let us first discuss certain definitions, which is very much important.

Molarity (M)

It is defined as the number of moles of solute present in one litre of solution.

Molarity (M) = Molarity (M)Chemistry Assignment Help Order Now

Normality (N)

It is defined as the number of moles of equivalents of a solute present in one litre of solution. Equivalent is also the term used for amount of substance like mole with the different that one equivalent of a substance in different reactions may be different as well as the one equivalent of each substance is also different.

Normality (N) = Normality (N)

Equivalent Mass

Equivalent mass = Equivalent mass

\ Number of equivalents of solute = Number of equivalents of solute

\ Number of equivalents of solute = n ´ number of moles of solute

Also, number of moles of solute

\ Normality of solution = n ´ molarity of solution.
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