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11.13. Putting It All Together

To make the best use of the promotional effort it is worth spending time planning how it will all fit together. The recipe will need to be adapted according to what the product is and how the company wants to promote it.

The elements marketers need to consider are:

  • Size of budget;
  • Size of individual order value;
  • Number of potential buyers;
  • Geodemographical spread of potential buyers;
  • Category of product (convenience, unsought, shopping, etc.);
  • What it is the firm is trying to achieve.

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It is impossible to achieve everything all at once, so marketers plan the campaign as an integrated package. Carrying out this kind of planning needs the cooperation of all the members of the marketing team. It is no use having the PR people doing one thing, and the salesforce doing something else that negates their efforts. If the campaign is to be effective it is important that all the team members are involved in the discussions so that unrealistic demands are not made of the team members.

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