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11.3. Developing Communications

Developing effective marketing communications follows a six-stage process, as follows:

  • Identify the target audience - In other words, decide who the message should get to.
  • Determine the response sought -What would the marketer like members of the audience to do after they get the message?
  • Choose the message -Write the copy, or produce an appropriate image.
  • Choose the channel -Decide which newspaper, TV station or radio station the audience uses.
  • Select the source's attributes - Decide what it is about the product or company that needs to be communicated.
  • Collect feedback - For example, carry out market research to find out how successful the message was.

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Communication is always expensive: It is therefore worthwhile spending time and effort in ensuring that the message is comprehensible by the target audience. Communications often follow the AIDA approach:

  • A Attention
  • I Interest
  • D Desire
  • A Action

This implies that marketers must first get the customer's attention. Clearly, if the receiver is not ‘switched on’ the message will not get through. Secondly, the marketer must make the message interesting, or the receiver will not pay attention to it. This should, if the message is good, lead to a desire for the product on the part of the receiver, who will then take action. Although this is a simplistic model in some ways, it is a useful guide to promotional planning; however, it is very difficult to get all four of these elements into one communication. For this reason, marketers usually use a mixture of approaches for different elements called the promotional mix.

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