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What is the International Capital Market Association?

The International capital market association is the organization which is responsible for the enabling the participants for inclusion in the capital markets. It is a self-regulatory board of organization which is also a part of trade association. It is mainly a European focusing organization having different sectors in the whole world but primarily in Europe. The international capital market association was formed on July 2005 and was a result of the merger of the International Securities market association and the International primary market association. The headquarters is in Zurich. This organization is responsible for conducting market operations efficiently and also is responsible for promoting higher standards of practice in the market, supportive trade and analysis, communication and education and appropriate regulation. International capital market association also produces some standard documentation of the transactions from the equity and also from the debt issuance from repos.

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The market proposition of international capital market association and the standards which are set by this organization are pillars of the major international market debt which is there for more than 40 years. It is being provided with the self-regulating framework consisting of rules and regulations which governs the market practice exclusively. It facilitates the orderly functioning and also the impressive growth which establishes the market.

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What do you mean by Capital markets?

Capital markets is a market where the investment instrument in the likes of equities, bonds and also mortgages which are traded in the market named capital market. The primary role of capital market is to make appropriate market investments from the base of investors who have a surplus ready funds for the ones who are running on a deficit. Capital markets are basically the market in which the monetary value provided is basically for periods which are longer than a year. The capital market is offering both the overnight funding as well as the long term values. The different types of financial instruments which are being traded in this market are, Hybrid instruments, equity instruments, derivative instruments, credit market instruments, insurance instruments and foreign exchange instruments.

What is the nature of the capital markets?

The nature of the capital market is defines as:

1. It mainly deals with the long term securities and debentures which will reap benefits for the company in a long run. The long term securities are moreover in the form of fixed assets and long term liabilities which are to be paid.

2. Capital market also performs the trade-off function with the participants and hence the participants reap good benefits over the year. The trade-off function helps the participants in establishment of relationships with the market forces as well as the other competitors.

3. Capital market helps in the capital formation of a company or a business firm. It stabilizes the money flow of the company and also the cash expenditures. It helps in exquisitely in the creation of liquidity and forms a bond over it.

What are the different types of capital markets?

There are basically two types of capital markets:

1. Primary market

Primary market is concerned with the market where debentures, shares and other long term securities are sold for the purpose of collecting the main long term capital. The main concern of this market is with the new issues of the market. Hence the primary market is also called as the New Issue market. The primary market has the basic flows of funds which is mainly saved from the borrowers or industries and as a result it helps directly in the major capital formation of the country. Eventually, the money which is collected by the market is mainly used by the major companies which helps to modernize the plant, buildings and machineries. It is done for the extending business as well as the setting up of the new business unit for the work. The primary market is mainly related with the new issues that the company makes and it actually doesn�t require a particular place. The primary capital has various other methods of a float capital. There are many methods which is used to raise the capital via primary market, like, Offer for sale, right issue, private placement, Electronic Initial public offer and the public issue.

2. Secondary market

The secondary market refers to the market which is the base for buying and selling of the older issued securities. The transactions which are made in the secondary market are basically done through the solid medium of the stock exchange. The main purpose of the secondary market is create liquidity with the securities. If one individual have bought some of the security and the next thing that he or she wants is to sell it, then the best medium for him is through the stock exchange medium. The purchaser requires a prominent services from one of the brokers. The main features of the secondary market is that it helps in creating the liquidity, it helps in encouraging new investments, it comes after the primary market and it has a particular place for itself.

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What do you mean by Private Secondary markets?

Private secondary markets or the private equity secondary markets are a marketplace where the buying and selling of pre-existing and former investor commitments direct to the private equity funds takes place. The owners or also the sellers of those private equity investments sell not only just the investments which are in the fund but also along with the remaining unfunded commitments which are obliged with the funding. As of lately, the private secondary markets started to emerge anew as in the name of Secondarylink and Secondarymarket. Apparently, these sought markets are only exclusively available for the institutional or in other words the accredited investors which allows the trading of both the private company securities as well as the unregistered ones.

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