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What do you mean by Gains from the trade?

This is usually an economic term which refers to the total net benefits which an agent reaps by firmly allowing the increase in a voluntary trading. This voluntary trading is done between each other by the agents. In other words, gains from trade is an increase of the consumer surplus in addition to the producer surplus having some lower levels of tariffs. It otherwise have liberalizing trade nature.

With due time, the trade market increases its reach and scope and also the reception of its participants� welfare. The agent can be an individual, a business firm, company, a group, a state or even country. This happens when the countries directed to the specializing of the production of the goods and services at the very lowest cost relative in comparison to its competitors. There is another term to acknowledge this thing, a comparative advantage.

By comparative advantage, it doesn�t mean you produce a good which you can produce best but, a good which you can produce cheaper and longing. The good should be produced at a very low opportunity cost as comparison to all other competitors. There is a comparative advantage when countries start to specialize in the production process of the goods and services. The relativity of the production and supply is strong and thus have a comparative advantage. This is a very calculative move and thus when the firm and its participants enter the trade with the firms of other countries, all the participants in the act gain an increased net benefits.

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What are the factors which affects the gain from trade?

There are many factors which affect the gaining procedures and share from the trade for the agents, these are:

1. Demand and Supply

The biggest reason which determines the gains or losses from the international trade is the demand and supply. When a country has an elastic supply or an elastic demand, then the supply gains the better benefits from the trade. The gains are higher than those which was gained when there was an inelastic demand and supply.

2. Differences in the cost ratio

The international trade have the better view of the economic changes and hence the gains from it depends upon the cost ratios of two trading countries. When the difference is smaller comparatively between the exchange rate and the cost of production then it will have smaller gains from trade and vice versa.

3. Factor availability

It is another factor which is responsible for the determination of the gain from the trade. International trade is basically based on the norms and studies of the country�s production specialization. This specialization is based upon the total availability of the resources or the factors of production in the country. It will eventually increase the domestic cost ratios and as a result, the gains from trade.

4. Size of a country

It may sound irrelevant, but the size of the country and also the population in the country makes a great change in gains from the international trade. As it is deducted that if a country is small in size then it is more easy and efficient to specialize with the process of production of any one good and have the export of the surplus production unit to a comparably larger country which will result in gaining more gains from the international trades. On the other hand when the country is larger in size and have good population, The specialization of the goods are taken place in more than one commodity because of the fact that excess production of any one product only will not be sufficed by the demand of that small country where it is being sent. The demand for the good will reduce my times. Hence, if the size of the country is small, then the gains from the international trade is high.

5. Productivity efficiency

When there is an increase in the productive efficiency of a particular country, then the production also determines the gains which it will reap from the trade as it will lower the production cost as well as the price of the goods. Due to this, the specific country will gain importing gains by mainly importing the cheaper goods.

6. The terms of trade

The terms of trade identify the nature of the trade which will reap the gains. These gains depend upon the particular terms which are published for the trade. When the cost ratio and the terms of trade are well defined as well as closer to each other, it will reap more gains for the participating countries which are in the international trade. The closer these two are, more the gains.

What do you mean by static and dynamic gains from trade?

These two are part of the gain from the international trade. Static gains refers to the result of the function of operation about the theory of the comparative cost which is elaborated in the field of trade in the foreign only. This is the principle which results in the countries� decision to make optimum usage of resources. It is done as to make their national output at a greater raise which also raises the social welfare�s level in the country. When there is a sound entry of the foreign trade in the national economy of a country, it result in the static gains from trade.

On the other hand, the dynamic gains from the international trade is directly proportional to the economic development of the nation as well as the national economy. The specialization in the country�s production of the best fruitful commodities which result in a large volume of quality production and hence promotes the growth. Thus the extension of foreign market to domestic market will automatically accelerate the economic growth and resulting in high functioning of the national economy.

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