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6.4 Gravity

Variation in the values of ‘g’ on the surface of earth is due to the following reasons

(a) Due to shape of earth: An structure of earth the gravity is given by gravity help. The earth is elliptical in shape. It is flatter at the poles and bulged out at the equator. Now, as gravity experiments, therefore the value of g at the equator is minimum and the value of g at the poles is maximum (gravity solutions Radius at poles is < Radius at equator).

(b) Due to rotation of earth : Earth rotates about its axis therefore every object placed on the surface of earth also rotates about the same axis. If the observed value of g at the latitude l is represented by gl, then

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where w is the angular velocity of rotation of the earth.
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At equator l = 0º and hence cos l = 1 physics gravity problems (minimum value of gravity)

At poles physics online tutor1 Physics Assignment Help (maximum values gravity)

Variation of ‘g’ above the surface of earth: As we go above the surface of the earth, the value of ‘g’ decreases

(i) Consider a body of mass m at a height ‘h’ above the surface of earth. (Let Re is the radius of earth and Me is the mass of earth) if h << Re, then expanding binomially and neglecting higher power of h/Re, we get

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or gn = physics-tutor1(where physics help1)
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So near the surface of earth gravity varies linearly with height

Variation of ‘g’ below the surface of earth: The value of ‘g’ decreases as we go below the surface of earth because the effective mass of earth attracting the body decreases.

The value of ‘g’ at a depth x from the surface of earth is = g - Dg = g - gx/R

At the centre of earth x = R hence g = 0
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The decrease in the value of ‘g’ at a depth ‘x’ below the surface of earth is Dg = (gx/R)

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