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8.5 Floatation

A body can float in fluid if the buoyant force experienced by it is greater than or equal to its weight or the apparent weight of body in fluid which is equal to actual weight minus buoyant force is zero or negative. If V is the volume of body and Vd is the volume of fluid displaced by it. Then

Apparent weight = weight – buoyant force


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For completely submerged body, (Vd = V) and

Apparent weight = K(rs – rf)g

The body will float of rv rf, i.e. the density of body is lesser than fluid otherwise the body will sink in the fluid. If rs = rf' then to float body volume needed to submerge body in fluid is equal to its own volume. If rs < rf' then fraction of the body is submerged in fluid, and it is given by

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The volume of body remain above fluid is physics tutorsphysics online tutoring

In sea, the density of water is 1024 kg/m3 while for an iceberg floating in water is 917 kg/m3. Thus the fraction of the iceberg visible is

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Thus, only 10.5% of the iceberg is visible to us while 89.5% remain submerged in sea water.

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