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8.7 Archimede's Principle & Buoyant Force

Up thrust or Buoyant force is independent of all the factors of the body such as its mass, size, density, etc, except the volume of the body inside the fluid, i.e.,

buoyant force (Volume of body inside the fluid)

This is the reason that two bodies of different masses, shapes & size experience same thrust when their volumes inside a fluid are equal.

8.7.1 Application of floatation

(i) Determination of fraction of volume outside the liquid: Because in case of a floating body,

W = Th

i.e. physics experiments

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(ii)Comparison of density bodies: Because for floating bodies

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So, if different bodies are floating in the same liquid, physics help

(iii) Comparison of densities of liquids: If the same body is made to float in different liquids then physics projects

or buoyant force help

i.e. density of liquid is inversely proportional to the volume of body inside it.

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