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Differences Between ISQL and OSQL

Infographics for Differences Between ISQL and OSQL


First thing is both are common connectivity tools which is used in SQL, it is very important due to their function which is similar to SQL server query analyzer.

OSQL perform command line utility which play important role in providing interface to the SQL server which query is based on ODBC.

Use of isql in DB library API is replaced by osql. where as ISQL use DB library to communicating with the SQL server 2000.

OSQL is helpful in entering into transact SQL statement to the user. where as ISQL is also helpful in entering into the transact SQL as well as script files and all system procedures.

OSQL can allow to user to submitting performed job, it is a capability to specifying single transact SQL statement or executing. Where as ISQL have main function to allow for transact SQL statement.

Unicode supports found in OSQL, where as ISQL does not supports unicode.

Both are capable in reverting operations, when they have no names and they can move to take name of work station.

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