Differences Between SQL and T-SQL

Differences Between SQL and T-SQL


Microsoft added new features always to improve the quality of software so Microsoft add codes to SQl called T-SQL. It means T-SQL is under control in to Microsoft and proprietary.

T-SQL have many features which are not available in SQL server such as procedural programming element and local variables, which is helpful in flexible control.

t-SQL have mathematics operation function, string operation function, time and date processor etc. and due to this t-SQl can compile with Turing completeness test, this test explain universality of programming, where as this is absent in SQL.

In T-SQL UPDATE and DELETE command comes with inclusion of FROM clause that is allow to JOINs where as in SQL this is absent.

We can say that T-SQL is extension of language where as SQL is programming language.

T-SQL perform wel when you use Microsoft.

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