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These are batch cultures which are fed continuously, or sequentially, with medium without the removal of culture fluid. A major disadvantage of fed-batch cycles is that in prolonged series it may result in the accumulation of non-producing or low-producing variants. E.g. Penicillin production, baker’s yeast production.

The five major types of commercially important fermentation are

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  1. Those that produce microbial cells (or biomass) as the product.
  2. Those that produce microbial enzymes.
  3. Those that produce microbial metabolites.
  4. Those that produce recombinant products.
  5. Those that modify a compound which is added to the fermentation- the transformation process.

There are six basic steps involved in any type of bioprocess which have been mentioned as follows.

  1. The formulation of media to be used in the culturing the process organism during the development of inoculums.
  2. The sterilization of the medium, fermenters and the equipments in use.
  3. The production of an active, pure culture in the sufficient quantity to inoculate the production vessel
  4. The growth of the organism in the production fermenter under optimum conditions for product formation
  5. The extraction of the product and its purification.
  6. The disposal of effluents produced by the process.

These six steps are the main topics whish are studied in bioprocess technology.

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