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Animal biotechnology has numerous benefits and includes enhanced nutritional content of food for human consumption, more abundant, cheaper and varied food supply, improved health of both animals and humans, development of newer low cost disease treatment techniques and better understanding of those diseases.

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Another major application of animal biotechnology is the use of animal organs for the replacement of defective human organs (known as Xenotransplantation) for example currently pigs and monkeys are being used for the replacement of defective human heart valves, kidneys etc. Researchers are being done so that blood transfusion can also be done interspecies.

Following are some of the topics in which we provide help:

  1. History Of Animal Biotechnology
  2. Transgenics
  3. Gene Knockout Technology
  4. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
  5. Cell Culture Products
  6. Applications
  7. Bioethics

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