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Is your school burdening you with too much homework?

Students and their parents are increasingly raising their voices against the huge burden of homework and the negative effects of too much homework on physical and mental health of students. Too much homework is also creating tensions and worries for families of students across the countries. Teachers are piling on homework on the students, every week night and in fact adding on to the burden of homework on students even during weekend, school holidays and summer breaks. According to recent research studies, children aged 6 to 17 are spending close to 4 hours on just doing homework, up from under 2 hours in 1981 when their teachers might have been in school themselves.

Why has the burden of homework increased so much?

The educational system is getting competitive and fierce every day. Schools have become a factory to churn out a competitive, job-market ready workforce for the technology driven service sector. There is pressure on schools and teachers from the No Child Left Behind Act. Teachers’ pay getting linked to student performance on standardized tests has left no scope for creativity, inquiry and thinking in classroom. Schools are reeling under pressures of accountability and rat race for grants. In order to mass produce herds of A plus grade achieving students, teachers are sending kids back home with more and more homework, assignments, frequent class assessments schedules and in fact tougher and more challenging problems.

Should I take help to do my Homework?

“I had to drop-out of his school’s football team. The football coach was like very strict about attending practice every day. After returning from practice at around 8 or 9 PM, I had no stamina to do another 4 hours’ worth of homework. I was falling behind in class. So I ultimately gave up soccer!”

“My daughter, 13, is feeling so relaxed in seventh grade as her new teachers give homework that she completes in under 4 hours. Sixth grade was so much worse. She was doing homework for practically 8 hours after school.”

“Thanks to standardized testing and common core, I cannot even help my kids with simple division problems. They are using complicated methods with circles, boxes, long equations; I just know my poor old multiplication tables and long division”

Does these horrible homework stories and challenges of too much homework and tough homework and assignment problems resonate with you? If yes, then you need help with homework.

If too much homework is putting stress on you, taking a toll on your physical and mental health, then you should take help to do your homework. A professional homework help will provide you with necessary academic guidance and streamline your thoughts. With homework help you can do your homework faster and have more time left for relaxing and recreational activities.

As a Parent, can I help my child to do homework?

It is not just the students who are developing stress and depression from burdens of the present schooling system, even families of these students are reeling with anxiety with the increased volume (and tougher standards) of homework.

There has been a significant curriculum compression with the introduction of common core state standards. Kindergarten is the now the old second grade. Earlier parents used to help kids in doing their homework and helped them with tough homework problems of even science and math. However, now the teaching methods have changed and even parents are not able to help children with homework. The new methods of problem solving are based on tougher arithmetic skills and employ higher order thinking skills and demand more competitive cognitive processing from children. Teachers are also overly burdened with homework-classwork-class test assessments and have no time to individually pay attention and help each and every student over and over again.

In this scenario, poor students have no one to turn to for professional guidance and to help them navigate through tough and challenging homework problems and volumes of assignments. Most students cannot even afford the exorbitant prices charged by private home tutors. Plus, even when their parents can afford high fees private at home tutoring, children simply have no time to accommodate a rigid and inflexible 2-3 hours daily tutoring time in their already overburdened daily schedule.

Has it become difficult for students to do homework by themselves?

Being a student is the toughest job in the world in present time. Students are attending a full-time shift of seven and a half hours studying in school. Additionally they are bringing back home with them an average of 4 -6 hours of homework to be done by them every weeknight. On weekends, holidays and school breaks, students spend over 8 hours doing their homework.

If this was not enough, students are also expected to review their class notes and study materials, every once in a week for pre-announced (or even surprise) class tests, study for scheduled assessments, prepare for creative reading and writing tests, study for class quizzes, write essays and well-researched quality term papers, do class projects and even group project work. Things get even tougher for high school students who have to juggle with the pressures of tracking and filing college admission forms, write down high quality college admission essays, take advanced classes in Math, Algebra, Calculus, do prep for SAT and have a constant pressure from parents and peers to score high on their SATs and get into prestigious colleges, universities and ivy league institutions.

So will do my homework?

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So, do you need help to do your homework?

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And what about my homework in Spanish?

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