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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

One of the common types of essay is the cause and effect essay. The purpose of the essay is to analyze a particular situation, event or incident and discussing the results and consequences of it. It is a general way of organizing and discussing ideas. Such an essay is good to explain your research about a topic, as you would be explaining the effects or results of the cause.

To begin with it, choose a topic first. It involves a few guidelines to be kept in mind while writing a cause and effect essay. Here are some important tips about writing a cause and effect essay such as choosing the right cause and effect topics or developing a good cause and effect essay structure. They are as follows:

1. Do a research about the cause and effect topic

To begin with anything, you must have the basic facts with you. Do a research about the topic chosen. Suppose it is based on a research about a new diet supplement. You should find a good quantity of answers on for the following:

  • What is the age group that can have the supplement?
  • What is the diet supplement made of?
  • Is it easily accessible?
  • What are the side effects?
  • Do people require any special diet or workout along with the supplement?
  • Is it a certified product?
  • In how much time can the product give the desired results

Depending on the topic, the questions may vary. Other common cause and effect topics are cause and effect essay on smoking, cause and effect essay on divorce, cause and effect essay on pollution, effects of bullying and many more. The more the questions, the more information you get. And better information will help you writing a better content for your essay.

2. Distinguish between the cause and effect

  • The cause is the action which happens.
  • The effect is the consequence of the action.

These two concepts need to be understood well before beginning with the essay. If not, then the content can be misleading and you may lose on your marks. A simple way to do so is to identify the cause first, which can be distinguished by understanding the event, aim of a research, the topic of a discussion etc. the aftermath of the cause can describe the effect, which would include the impact of the event, the benefits of a research, conclusion of a discussion etc.

Cause and Effect Essay Help

3. Develop the thesis statement for your cause and effect essay

Thesis statement is the sentence which explains the objective of your essay well. It is usually included in the introduction of the essay. To write a good essay, the thesis statement should be complete in itself, describing the cause of writing the essay and the topic chosen. The objective of writing the essay should be explained well, so that the reader gets an idea about the content of the article.

4. Use appropriate words to highlight cause and effect statements

There are certain keywords that indicate towards a cause or an effect. Using them in your essay will help you in explaining your content better. Some of the transitional words used for cause and effect are as follows:

  • Cause: because, due to, first, since, on cause is etc
  • Effect: consequently, as a result, it resulted in, therefore, thus etc

While using the suggested words or phrases, keep in mind that the cause or effect should be mentioned right after the suggested words.

5. Strengthen your cause and effect essay with relevant evidences

To claim a situation or to win a case, we require proof. A similar requirement is needed while writing a cause and effect essay. To explain the cause, to support it or to prove that you are telling the right fact, evidence is must. Only then the results would make sense and would be understood well by people. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  • Provide facts or statistics which were used in the cause
  • Keep a record of your personal observations
  • Provide relevant examples to explain the cause

6. Have flexibility in your topic

Let us consider a situation. Suppose you are writing about the actions of Martin Luther King and his contribution to the Black society, you may need to narrow your focus and discuss about only one action that he made. Even if you thought of writing about all his achievements initially, you may realize that you need to be specific to only some. This is where the flexibility in your article is needed.

You may need to narrow or broaden your topic as per the requirement. Word limit can play a role is this too at times. Hence, do not limit yourself to only a fixed set of information and facts; rather keep the chances to change the content too.

7. Collect the facts all the sources you can

After you finalize your topic, it is important that you have a good amount of information about it. Hit all the sources from where you can collect the facts, be it the library, books, internet, research articles, novels, biographies or anything else. Do a thorough research before beginning the essay. This is essential so that you explain the cause and the effects well and support it with facts.

However, there is an alternate way to do it too, the reverse of the above. For instance, if you know about an event, incident, person, organization, historical movement etc really well, then pick that up as the topic. This might save your time in going through the research. For example, if you have to write about a global citizen and you are a fan of Michael Jackson and have been reading about him since years, then you should go ahead with the same choice.

8. Crafting the cause and effect essay

And the time arrives when you have to show up your writing skills! When you are through with all the relevant information, facts, examples and statistics in hand, you may begin writing your essay.

The title is the first part of the essay which anyone is going to read. Keep it short, simple and to the point. It should create an interest in the reader’s mind, inviting him to read further.

The introduction of the essay should be really strong and convincing. The thesis statement has a vital role to play in here, which explains the cause and the effect. It is the section which can make or break the entire image of your essay, hence keep it really smart. Write to the point without getting away from the actual topic.

The cause should be in depth and contain the accurate information, supported with examples, statistics and personal observations. While you are explaining the effect, keep in mind that it should clarified clearly, so as to avoid any confusion in the reader’s mind.

A concluding paragraph should contain the summary of the thesis and the major points about the entire work. It should leave the question in the reader’s mind to know more about the topic.

9. Check for errors: Proofreading

Before someone else points out your flaws, it is better to check them and correct yourself. Once the essay is done, check it. Look for the grammar errors, punctuation errors or anything else that may have gone wrong. Correct it.

Giving the right information and supporting it with relevant examples can never let you go wrong. The same rules apply while writing a cause and effect essay.

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