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Delton John D. The Dispute GAZA Strip. London. Wiley. 2016. Web/print.

Oxford Referencing Styles

The aim of the citation and the reference is to provide enough information to the audience or reader regarding the text. Complete and consistent citations are important. Reference are used for vast variety of the sources like books, newspaper article, websites, you tube, song s, films and videos, E-books  and many more .A citation is a way of acknowledging and appreciating the author and it is also used too locate particular statement and evidence and avoid plagiarism. Reference not only acknowledge the work, but it also creates evidence and support pieces of evidence for the statement stated in the text. It allows the examiner or checker, to allocate the source of the information.

Referencing is an important part of academic work. Referencing acknowledges the work of authors and writers whose work and information have been used in an individual's works. Referencing list displays the depth of the research work and appreciates the other personality work. Whenever an individual; uses somebody’s information, he /she is supposed to create a reference list honoring their work. The reference allows you to develop work without plagiarism and distinguishes between personal ideas with authors. Reference is different from the bibliography. One must not get confused between the two. The bibliography is a list of the documents and sources that an individual has gone through while writing the text, but it is not necessary that every individual must have taken the information from it. But Referencing mentions all the resources that have been used in the text.

Citing or referencing can be done in two ways I.e., In-text citation or Footnotes. In-text, the citation includes Author and date in the background whereas the footnotes display the number in the text and further details but at the bottom of the page. Since Referential is vital in academic writing and a crucial element in assignment writing, one must learn all the aspects of reference. There are many referencing styles such as.

MLA Referencing: The full form for this is Modern Language Association which is a kind of organization that focuses on the study of language and Literature. The MLA referencing style is used popularly in English Literature, Language, communication, and other religious subjects. Modern Language Association recently released its 8th edition handbook. The Handbook guides regarding the rules and term s of MLA citation and talks about the standard s. MLA citations reflect the thoughtful and informative guide on the format.

  • Harvard Referencing: Harvard Referencing system is an author-year system that is popularly used in the academic area. The concept of Harvard Referencing was brought in by a zoology professor of Harvard. He devoted the style in which a common parenthetical date reference system which refers to the use of short form because the citation is already put in the actual text. Harvard Referencing System is straightforward, simple, economical and consumes less time and do not uses footnotes.
  • APA Referencing: APA stands for American Psychological Association and this referencing style is generally used in professional subjects like business, nursing, IT.
  • Chicago Referencing: The Chicago Referencing style is generally seen in the subjects relate to humanities like History, Fine arts, anthropology, and philosophy.
  • Oxford Referencing: Oxford Referencing is different from the Harvard and APA style of referencing as it uses in-text citation at the bottom rather than the footnotes. The off feature of this style is that it includes a superscript number in the essay where work has been cited.
  • Vancouver Referencing: It is also known as the author name system where it includes the number of entries in the referred list. Such type of reference styles is common in physical science, medicine. Medline and PubMed use the Vancouver style.


The Oxford referencing is the unique way of citing the work in the given format. This referencing style is given by Oxford University.  It is important to reference the work that you have used in your writing such as legislation, books, and article. reference also assist the examiner and get the checker to refer for the additional information. References and bibliography reflect the research work done by the individual.

Oxford References comprises of two main components.

  • A citation is used between the text using footnotes.
  • A list of references and bibliography at the end of the text

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The footnotes are the notes that are given at the end of the page. It is also called the transcript in case of the Oxford format. Write a transcript at the end of the page, giving the relevant information with the details. The footnote is also called the in-text citation should have the same number which is written on the superscript.

For example: As James claimed1 .” He ate …

Clicking on the 1 will direct you to the detailed reference.


The bibliography list starts from the fresh page. It is stated at the bottom of the text displaying all the references and the sources that have been referred to while making the text. Inclusion of every secondary source that has been added in the text or footnotes and other work that is considerate must be added in the bibliography. The bibliography shows the research work of the individual.

The Oxford bibliography is divided into several sections such as

  • Books
  • Journal Article
  • Official published sources such as Law
  • Another article published in Newspaper.
  • Unpublished work
  • Other sources, for example -different types of communication
  • Electronic sources, for example, material from the website


For writing a citation for the online source, following information is required:

  • Reference number
  • Title of the Blog
  • Author’s name
  • Published date.
  • URL
  • Date
Oxford referencing Blog


  • Authors last name
  • Initial of the author first name
  • E-book title
  • Publisher’s name
  • Publication’s place
  • Year
  • URL
  • Accessed time.
Oxford referencing E-book


  • subscript number
  • Name of the Author
  • Title
  • journal’s title
  • Volume of the journal
  • Page Number
  • Year
Oxford referencing journal


  • Reference number
  • initials
  • last name
  • article’s title
  • newspaper’s title
  • Year
  • Page Number
Oxford referencing newspaper