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MLA Referencing is one of the types of reference that is used for a citation. To begin with the citation. A citation is a way of giving information regarding the source to the readers. While writing a research or article a good writer will search and gather useful information to quote inside a text. This practice not only makes a report or research more emphasized but also proves that work is done on the same. A writer has invested much of his time to provide good research. Another benefit of citation is that it gives the reader the information from where information is quoted.

A citation contains following information about the source.

  1. Author’s information
  2. Work’s title
  3. Publisher and publishing company name with the location.
  4. Date
  5. Page numbers

The purpose of citation is to give credit to the writer or owner of the words, without a copy, pasting the content. Plagiarism is a crime that a writer should not commit. There are strict laws for this in the countries. But besides removing the plagiarism there are several advantages of citations.

  • A reader would get information regarding the source of ideas.
  • To segregate between the original and the researched information.
  • The amount of research is shown through writing citations. A reader gets a complete idea that the writer has invested time and effort in writing.
  • It also provides strength to work. It provides a strong foundation for the writer’s words.

Types of citation

  • APA STYLE: American Psychological Association is a style of referencing and citation. This style includes the name of the author, date of publishing, the title of the work.
  • MLA STYLE: Modern Language Association is a style of referencing that is for subjects like arts and humanities. Most commonly is used in countries like the USA.
  • HARVARD STYLE: This type of referencing also includes name date title and publishing information similar to that of APA style.
  • CHICAGO STYLE: This style is used in the subjects like History, Philosophy, fine arts. This style of referencing includes information like that of name, place, date, publishing information, location.

MLA Referencing

MLA (Modern Language Association) is a style that has a focus on literature and language. This is a unique way of citing the sources in the work. There are many styles of referencing and citing a work like that of APA, Chicago, Harvard. The usage of the MLA referencing is especially in the reports that are related to literature and language.

Citing In MLA format

There is a handbook for all the scholars to note information regarding citing work in research papers or reports. A book named THE MODERN LANGUAGE ASSOCIATION HANDBOOK in its 8th edition explains the way scholars should quote the sources. When information is gathered from a source it is important to give credit to the writer of the source. Especially in the texts that are related to literature and language are cited through the MLA format.

MLA Format

THE MODERN LANGUAGE ASSOCIATION HANDBOOK has provided scholars with an updated version of the MLA format. It gives details regarding the format which is used in MLA. The update in the format of citation is the inclusion of containers. A source that sits in is the container. As per the format of MLA is considered, they are of two types, one is the in-text citation, which is included in the work. And the second one is full text- citation which is included at the end of the work.

The format of the referencing has the following information in the given order.

  1. Last name of the Author.
  2. First name of Author.
  3. Title or the name of the source.
  4. Container’s title
  5. Contributors
  6. Version
  7. Numbers
  8. Publisher name
  9. Date of publishing

Example: The book Hard Times written by Charles Dickens in 1854 was published again by another publisher. The citation in the MLA format for such information would be:

Dickens, Charles. "Hard times." Hard times. Portland: Mint Editions, 2020. Print.

Title of Source






"Song." Album,

Beyonce. "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." I am...Sasha Fierce, Sony, 2008, track 2

 An example of the work which has containers:

If the work has two authors than write second author’s name in the standard form. And if the work has more than two authors than write the first author name according to the format and for the rest write ‘’

MLA Referencing STYLE Generator Tool from AssignmentHelp

An example of such work that has more than two authors are:

Borokhovic, Kenneth A., et al.


Add a colon between title and the subtitle. Example “Nasar, Sylvia. A Beautiful Mind: The Life of Mathematical Genius and Nobel Laureate John Nash. Simon and Schuster, 2001.”

The common format of the citation will not be changed. Information will be added to the citation. Though many updates are done in the information added to the MLA type referencing. CONTAINERS, DOI was not part of the format of MLA. But due to change in the source of information these changes are applied to the format of MLA.

Here is an example of the MLA style referencing.

MLA style referencing


In-text citation of the MLA format has the information like the name of the author and the location with two round brackets separating the information with the comma. For example, the in-text citation for Charles Dickens’s Hard Times would be, (Charles,1854). While the citation which would e added to the end of the report would have this format.


When information is gathered from a source it is important to give credit to the writer of the source. Especially in the texts that are related to literature and language are cited through the MLA format. This is all about the MLA referencing style. There are many tools available online that can be used to create the reference style. But all this can be created manually too. Many websites can help the scholar to cite a particular in a given manner of referencing and citing the sources.