Trigonometric Ratios Assignment Help

Trigonometric Ratios

There are six ratios of trigonometric which relate to a side right triangle with its angles. Specifically, you find 2 ratios of both sides in a right triangle ( where an angle should be 90 degree) and the related angle. The function and formula of trigonometric is basically used in unknown calculation which lengths or angles comes in a right triangle. all 6 functions are also co- related and can be describe in terms of each other.

trigonometric ratios image 1

Main three functions ratio which is given below:

sine, you write it (sin)

cosine, you write it (cos)

tangent you write it (tan)

If sinθ and cosθ value is given below and we find the value of tanθ = ?

Sinθ = y ,

Cosθ = x,

You know that tanθ = sinθ / cosθ according to the right angle.

tanθ = y/x