Trigonometric Identities Assignment Help

Trigonometric Identities

The primary trigonometric identities which is given below

sine, = sin

cosine, = cos

tangent, = tan

cotangent, = cot

secant = sec

cosecant. = cosec

They represent the relationship created from a right triangle.

Imagine if a triangle has

a 90-degree angle, a 30-degree angle and a 60-degree angle.

Regardless of the size of the triangle, the relationship of the sides will be in proportion to each other.

(As the triangle gets bigger, the sides get bigger proportionately).

The trigonometric properties represent how sides are related to each other. Looking at the 30-degree angle, the opposite side will always be half as long as the hypotenuse (side opposite the right angle). The relationship of opposite to hypotenuse is represented with the sine function. The expression "the sine of 30 degrees is 1/2" is saying that the side opposite the 30-degree angle is half as long as the side opposite the right angle. If one of the sides is known, the other can be calculated. Likewise, if both side lengths are known, and the opposite / hypotenuse relationship is .5, it can be determined that the angle is 30 degrees.

Sine opposite with: hypotenuse = (opposite / hypotenuse)
Cosine adjacent with: hypotenuse = (adjacent / hypotenuse)
Tangent opposite with: adjacent = (opposite / adjacent)

Their opposite functions are





They have reserved relationships .

Cotangent =1 / Tangent,
Scant =1 / Cosine,
Cosecant = 1 / Sine,

trigonometric identities image 1