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Earth is surrounded by different kinds of beautiful natural vegetation that differ in shape, color, size, importance etc. Hence, the field of science that deals with different kinds of plants that are found in nature is termed as botany.

The main section of biology is divided into two parts: zoology and Botany. Both these branches deal with two different aspect of life; Zoology deals with animals and botany deals with plants. Though there are lots of differences in both these branches, but still there are many subjects that are common to both these fields like cell biology, molecular biology, Virology, genetics etc.

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We use different kinds of products, like the cosmetic, eatables, medicines, clothes, beverages etc. Where do they come from? How are all the natural products converted into something else that can be used by us? These results are all the effort and ideas of botanist who studies about different plants species. Hence, botanist is the person who carries study on plants.

botany homework helpBotanist conducts researches on different types of plants and finds out their importance for the human beings. Though we say that all the plants are important in several ways, still there exist many that can even have harmful effects. We hardly know which plant can be used as medicine and which we should prefer for the cosmetic use. This informations are delivered to us by botanist. They study every aspect of plants, classify them and look for all the possible advantage that we can have. Some botanist works on crops and vegetable to look for their yield. Yes, they are also engaged in the field work along with all the research work. Investigation on crops, the pest that harms them and most importantly, finding out the ways or methods to eradicate the harmful effects are some of the work of botanist. Their ideas, process and some well-made chemical fertilizers can help farmers increase the production of crops and collect them in better quality. Apart from this, some choose to get all the physiological knowledge about plants including the chemicals they make and the use of those chemicals for manufacture of different products. Hence, all these jobs right from the classification to research and then getting the correct technique for the evolved problem comes under the botanical field. Presently, the method of producing transgenic plants has become one of the popular ways to get crops protected from any kind of environmental damage. Though this approach has not yet been in use completely but it is accepted in most of the countries and has turned out to be positive.

The increasing human settlements and sophisticated lifestyle have generated lots of problems increasing the environmental pressure and damage. Several types of environmental issue like landslide, pollution, and flood are taking place in different parts of the world. Hence in such circumstances, having knowledge on plants can help solve lots of these problems. For this, different types of scientific instruments are in use that helps to solve the major of such concerns. Hence, botanists are also involved in solving such natural issues through proper ideas and use of botanical knowledge.

Botany is included in any of the discipline of science like Genetics, taxonomy, biophysics, pathology, horticulture etc. Hence, there are several job opportunities for students who want to have an established career in science. Students can look for governmental or non-governmental job once they have botany degree in their hands. The botany job opportunity is wide and most importantly this field is gaining lots of importance due to increase in research activity. Image reference:

Students who are interested in plants and loves exploring about them, can pursue this field and work equally hard to get a satisfying career opportunity.