Navigating Permanent Residency: A Comprehensive Comparison of PR Processes in Canada and Australia


Canada and Australia stand out as top choices for immigrants worldwide, offering a high standard of living, robust economies, and diverse multicultural societies. Deciding between the two for Permanent Residency (PR) involves a careful consideration of various factors. This article aims to provide an in-depth comparison of PR processes, benefits, job opportunities, cost of living, quality of life, and other critical aspects in both countries.

Permanent Residency Processes:


  • Express Entry System: Two-step process involving expressing interest and application submission.
  • Eligibility: Determined through an online profile, screening based on programs like Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades, or Canadian Experience Class.
  • Ranking System: Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores decide candidate ranking.
  • Invitations: Issued based on descending CRS score rank order.


  • SkillSelect and Points-Based System: Process involves eligibility checking, migration skill assessment, and submission of Expression of Interest (EOI).
  • Eligibility: General eligibility criteria apply.
  • Ranking System: Points-based system and SkillSelect ranking.
  • Invitations: Issued to eligible EOI applicants.

Comparison Table: PR Processes

ApplicationExpress Entry SystemSkillSelect and Points-Based System
EligibilityProgram-specific criteriaGeneral eligibility criteria
Ranking SystemComprehensive Ranking System (CRS)Points-based system and SkillSelect ranking
InvitationsIssued based on CRS scoresIssued to eligible EOI applicants

Permanent Residency Benefits:


  • Right to live and work indefinitely.
  • Access to free education for children.
  • Eligibility for social and healthcare benefits.
  • Opportunity to apply for citizenship.


  • Right to live and work.
  • Enrolment in Australia‚Äôs national health scheme, Medicare.
  • Ability to apply for bank loans to buy property.
  • Eligibility to sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence.

Comparison Table: PR Benefits

Right to Live & WorkYesYes
Healthcare AccessYes (Universal Healthcare)Yes (Medicare)
Education BenefitsFree education for childrenNo information on education benefits
Property OwnershipNo specific benefitsAbility to buy property
SponsorshipOpportunity to sponsor relativesOpportunity to sponsor relatives

Job Opportunities:

Job Opportunities in Canada and Australia:

  • Both countries offer abundant job opportunities for skilled workers.
  • Canada features stability and diversity, with thriving industries such as technology, healthcare, and finance.
  • Australia is renowned for its robust IT sector, providing numerous opportunities.

Cost of Living:

Cost of Living in Canada and Australia:

  • Generally, the cost of living in Canada is 9% cheaper compared to Australia.
  • Specific variations exist depending on the city and region within each country.

Comparison Table: Cost of Living

Housing CostsVaries by region and cityVaries by region and city
Healthcare CostsCovered by universal healthcarePartially covered by Medicare
Education CostsFree for children up to a certain ageVaries by school and location
General ExpensesVaries but generally lower compared to AustraliaHigher general expenses in cities

Quality of Life:

Quality of Life in Canada and Australia:

  • Both countries offer excellent quality of life, with diverse cultural experiences and natural beauty.
  • Quality of life is highly subjective and influenced by personal preferences.

Conclusion: Choosing between Canada and Australia for Permanent Residency is a significant decision. Each country has unique advantages, appealing to different individuals based on their goals and preferences. Factors such as the PR process, benefits, job opportunities, and cost of living should all be thoroughly considered. Seek expert advice and conduct comprehensive research before making a final decision to ensure it aligns with your individual circumstances and aspirations. This comprehensive comparison provides valuable insights to aid in your decision-making process. Assess your priorities and make an informed choice to embark on your journey towards Permanent Residency in Canada or Australia.

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