There is no such subject that is more laden with fretfulness for the high school student than the essay on the topic college application. Whether it is as strange or weird as the University of Chicago’s or University of Pennsylvania’s or whether it is actually a more humdrum question about any decisive familiarity you’ve had in your life or anything about the contentious, political or social issue. Well, there are some of the students who tremor at the very first thought of writing an essay and also being judged on it.

So, the US colleges and universities are considered to be the best colleges in the world and they follow generally three criteria for the admission process in order to determine which students to keep and which students to reject at the same time and these three criteria are as follows:

  • Preceding Coursework .i.e. your college preliminary work and GPA (Grade point average)
  • Consistent Test Marks .i.e. ACT & SAT are the two most appreciated
  • Entrance/ Admission essays

Therefore, out of these three criterions, the most college’s admission essays offer you one of the great opportunities in order to distinguish yourself from your competitor and also flaunt the person behind the statistics at the very same time.

Part 1. Preparing the Essay

1. Recognize the admissions embark Psychology:

Once you’ve actually compiled all of your documents and delivered it to the university or college of your dream appropriately, all of your hard work and perseverance gets placed in a pile with hundreds of different documents eventually. Once this step is completed, the next step is that a small group of admission officers will then duly review each and every document and would look over for the scores and coursework duly by which they eventually end up reading the entire college application essays and then it is marked accordingly. The main element in order to convince admission officers is to make them understand the purpose of writing the essay and also if they find what they’re actually looking for, They actually consider students who will:

  • Achieve something once they’re admitted
  • Contribute eventually to the enlightening experience of other students
  • Bring respect and status to the university once they graduate

While writing the essay, make sure you shall showcase yourself as a student who will actually meet those needs. However, the main thing that qualifies success or brings respect will basically depend upon the different universities it may vary but all the admission officers to focus on these three goals mainly. Just before starting your college essay you can really jot down some of the questions in your mind that would eventually answer all of the content written in your essay and this will make the content of your essay wide and good too.

2. Decide your Essay Objectives:

Apart from the three questions, you should consider yourself as one of those who wants to be perceived by the admission officers at the same time. Make sure they shall have a great impact on your essay eventually. There are many students who wish the university admission board to actually see them as a responsible, academically ambitious and also dependable student at the same time. These are considered to be one of the most excellent essay goals but however, you should consider the essay related to your class work too because if your class work really shows that you’re studious and intelligent at the same time than it would be easier for you to highlight a different feature of your personality. Along with this, you can initially build up an appropriate image of your own character because writing for the college admission essay will eventually allow you to actually broadcast different aspects of your life that are really not reflected in your pre-college coursework and some of the aspects to be considered are:

  • Have I worked at an attractive or pertinent job?
  • Do I belong to any kind of club or association?
  • Have I established management or cooperation?
  • Have I established community responsibility or sympathy?

3. Differentiate yourself from other competitors:

However, this is considered to be the easiest task for you because as an international student you are probably different from the bulk of American citizens out there who duly apply for the same. It is not an easy task to simply say that you’re not from her instead you really need to position yourself by the strengths of your home culture eventually. It is really not important for you to actually elaborate if you write a sentence of one or two lines it would be enough to make sure that the admission officers pay heed to you. Remember one thing that you actually make you more than just an international student from actually a very interesting background and also you’re a completely different person with a lifetime of experiences. You should actually take out some of the time and think about what else can really make you a different person from most of the other students out there and your uniqueness matter and initially add those features to your list of essay goals initially.

4. Make a donation to the university or college:

One of the main goals in the admission board is while reading the college admission essays you get to know eventually that students, however, will improve the educational experience of other different students, This means that how one can contribute towards other students learning and how will you manage once you get in. However one of the main aims of education is actually to broaden student’s experiences. Do you know the fact as an international student you eventually offer various other students an opportunity for the cultural diversity? Thus it is considered to be important for you to assume that the college admission board will identify this benefit and in order to make it possible it is important for you to actually highlight this in your essay. Make sure you shall make use of a sentence or two in order to achieve your aim.

5. Recognize and Respond to the Essay Prompt:

However, at this point of time you’ve probably come up with some of the most innovative ideas that could probably fit into one essay and for that, you initially need to focus on your objectives and stick to either three or four ideas but not more than that. The ideas you choose specifically shall make your essay more valuable and you get selected from the admission board. It is not important what the prompt asks you just need to make sure that you essentially include three or four ideas that you’ve selected initially for your college admission essay. Make sure that the concepts you use shall actually present your idea uniquely rather than listing all of them poorly because broaden aimed essay will probably be much more effective than that of a general one or a vague one. While the prompt is generally designed in order to give you some specific freedom for creativity that will eventually allow you to work with those three or four ideas that you’ve chosen previously.

Part 2: Writing the Essay

In the college admission essay writing process in this stage you have to consider some of the common goals and psychology of the college admission board and for that you initially need to produce a list of different ideas, details or attributes that you write about yourself and it should be kind of appealing for the college admission board too at the same time. However, as you have narrowed that list to the three or four important ideas you could eventually get information or detail about your preferred university at the same time.

6. Write with unique Details:

Do you know the fact that if you write in a proper way it will be considered as one of the most excellent and memorable writing worth remembering? If your essay is unique then it will create a stronger impression that will help you get in the college. Show yourself as a dedicated college going student and as if you follow all of the rules and regulations. So, as you’re writing your essay make sure you ask yourself these three essential questions:

  • Can I add Imagery i.e. shapes or colours to actually make it more innovative and interesting at the same time?
  • Is there any kind of unique example that shows this or display it?
  • Can I replace all of the general nouns with something unique?

7. Exhibit college-level articulation:

Diction is considered to be one of the most fundamental structures of writing and your choices would eventually reveal a very amazing deal about your intellectual and educational qualification and also personality at the same time. Also, if you’re an international student, it is important for you to ensure that you actually have an excellent command over the English language. If you keep this thing in your mind you would eventually able to replace the lower level words with the higher ones and you can eventually look up for the test like ACT/ SAT for the vocabulary words and also work on those. Make sure you avoid using any kind of slang words or casual diction because it might lose the credibility and you may not get admission as well.

8. Exhibit college-level Style:

In order to present yourself, you have to be ready for your next job too. For example, if you want to show that you have writing skills then probably you need to display it as well. Make sure while writing the college essay you will eventually include these three main features as well: 

  • Include a scheme or a trope like anaphora, oxymoron and chiasmus
  • Write complex sentences primarily rather than just compound or simple sentences
  • Include figurative languages like a simile, personification or a metaphor

9. Make someone proofread your essay:

This is however considered to be one of the most important tips to do list. Thus, it is true people who write generally doesn’t know the words in your head and you don’t always make it to on the page because you already know how it is said or how someone should say it. However, it is considered to be one of the easiest tricks in order to make yourself think that what does essays say and what you write. And for this you can initially ask your friend or any relative to read your essay once you’ve completed and made sure you shall check the following before finalizing it:

  • Organization: Did you group all of the sentences together coherently?
  • Grammar: Did you write the complete sentences? And do your subjects and verbs agree?
  • Diction: Do you think all the words are properly used for an American Audience?

10. Pay consideration to the time limit:

A tremendous amount of work is actually required for the college admission essays because as you work or rewrite your essay you generally pay attention to the deadlines given in the college and as you know each and every school or college do have their own system and do follow their own rules and regulations or the guidelines for how and also when to file certain application because it then further transform into emails and pdf files and usually every school follow this criterion. So, the best way to stay engaged is that focus on the college admissions process and maintain a calendar that includes the following:

  • Reminders of upcoming events and deadlines
  • Finalizing of articles and submission deadlines
  • Procedure deadlines

However, at some point of time you will eventually file your college admissions application and thus it is considered to be the most important thing in order to get admission so while posting your application do not get panic at all and also do follow the above-mentioned steps or tips if you find any kind of difficulty. Also if you follow the above-mentioned tips you probably have a great chance of getting admissions into the American university.